Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sunflowers /Sunflower Sutra

I made this layout a few weeks back but forgot to post it. I am still looking for additional credits.

Sunflower Sutra by Maya at SBG

Here are some samplers I found today:
Template by Fryske
Stamps by Christina Renee
Prim Love by Irene
Ice Blue Pprs. by Fran
Template by Yin
Template by NeverlandScraps


Odessa Klezmer Band

Bob mingling with the crowd; romancing the ladies. :)

I was anxiously awaiting today's arrival so I could go see Odessa Klezmer Band at the Burlington County Ampitheater. The shows was supposed to start at 7:00 p.m. outside but it started raining. They moved the presentation to the library. I got there around 6:45 and it was packed! The library was full of elderly people. In fact, there were only 4 children: Kaylie (7) Liam (6) and 2 other girls maybe 8 or 9. We had to sit all the way back and could hardly see anything. Then, a gentlemen approached us to tell me that the kids could go sit on the sidelines so they could actually see the performers; I was most grateful for his courtesy. So, we left our chairs in the back and moved to the sidelines. There were no chairs so we sat on the floor. But we could see the performers and that is all that mattered to us.
It was Kaylie's and Liam's first time watching a live musical show. What better way to introduce them to all kinds of music, than a Klezmer show. The music is so lively, happy and full of life that one can not help but sway in rhythm. Liam throughly enjoyed the music and looked like he had ants in his pants. Just kidding. He was just dancing and clapping along. :) It was heavenly.
During intermission, we had soda and pretzels. I also approached the band to congratulate them on their performance and bought a cd, which we played on the car immediately. From the sidelines, I took a few pictures. There wasn't enough lighting for the camera, even with the flash. While the photos are not the best, they are decent and the best under the circumstances. Sometimes is not so much the quality of the picture, as it is the mood and memory captured. It would have been nice to have been able to get high quality photos, but I just didn't want to obstruct anyone's view in order for me to get the pictures.
Anyway, the best way to highligh the photos was to turn them black and white and to keep the instruments in color as focal point. I love the way it looks. Don't you?
In you are ever in the Columbus, New Jersey area and have a chance to catch their show, go. You will enjoy it immensely.


Friday, June 27, 2008

100th Challenge Celebration @ SBG: Scraplift Amy Pearson

The Scrapbook-Graphics' crew is celebrating their 100th challenge. For this occasion, we chose to scraplift Amy Pearson (a/k/a Fannie) whose fabulous stock photos occasionally grace my pages.

She is not only a fabulous photographer, she is a fabulous scrapper, too. Her pages exude warmth and she often has the most loving journaling. Her children are going to cherish those pages in years to come. But enough gushing about her, let me show you my page. And if you want to see the rest of the pages we did, click here.

Inspired by Amy's layout titled "Exploring Nature."

Acrylic Alpha: Beyond the Sea - Under The Sea by Baers Garten
TK STamped font by Taran Conyers
Yellow & orange (recolored from pink) pressed flowers: Urban Fragments: Pressed Flowers by Traci Sims
Twine Stitches from Playing with Twine by Natali Designs
Butterflies - Madame Butterfly Swarms by Anna Benjamin
Bg. Ppr. (lightened) from Garden Walk Papers 3 by Berna Datema
Book (recolored) from Michelle Godin's Funky Junky Spring Fling Elements.
Font: Century Gothic, CK Mou Saha
Staple from Essential page set by Natali Designs
Crochet hearts: Crochet Stuff No. 1 by ON Designs


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Safari / Great Adventure

The kids and I got out of the house early and went to the Safari at Great Adventure. It was a drive through and the windows had to be kept up all the time. This is my way of saying that these photos of the animals were taken through my car window, which had a vicious glare that I tried to work around. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I guess my cloning tool will be working overtime when I finally sit down to scrap these pages. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANY TECHNIQUES/TUTORIALS TO GET RID OF GLARE FROM A WINDOW FROM A PHOTO?

We saw Emus, Ostriches, American Black Bears, Brown Bears, Baboons and some other kind of monkey with red butts :) (can't remember their names ;0) Lions, Tigers (which were all encased and behind chain link fences and a waste of time to take a picture) buffaloes, gazelles, giraffes, elks, zebra, elephants, rhinos, flamingos, kangaroos, billy goats, and many other birds.

Driving through the safari was an interesting experience. People are always in a hurry to get somewhere and today was no exception. While I pulled over to get a closer look at the Alpacas/Llamas (this was a 3-lane way) I had someone on my rear end that wouldn't go away and obviously wanted me to go faster. He figured I was taking too long and finally moved to the other lane and sped away. Sheesh, I guess a little patience is hard to come by anymore in this fast track world. While at the driving range, I stopped at every spot that had an education tidbit about the animals we were seeing to give the kids a chance to see them up close, too.

I am thinking of doing an educational series of layouts with lots of information about the animal being featured. Kind of like a science project, yeah, that, a Science Project! :) (Ha! Like I need an excuse to scrap a page!)

Great Adventure is actually only 22 miles away from my house. It is a lovely and very relaxing drive. One gets to see acres and acres of grains, which reminds me of the "America the Beautiful" song"

"O beautiful,
For spacious skies,
For Amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee,
And crown thy good
With Brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!"

Doesn't this song make you want to break out in song; really loud, at the top of your lungs loud? No? That's strange! It does to me and my kids! :)

All joviality set aside, once we were finished with the animals tour, we went to the "Exploration Station" for a closer look at some animals skulls, eggs, hooves, etc. As far as live exhibits, we a saw tarantula (not very big, but doesn't mean I wanted to touch it), a blue-tongued skink (which I saw up close and personal at the Earth Day Fair a couple of weeks back...see picture if you need to refresh your memory), a Burmese Python (this specific specimen was an albino), a boa constrictor (that reminded Kaylie of the Shel Silverstein poem, "A Boa Constrictor, " which she knows by heart and acted out in school) and some kinkajoos.

We then went over to the main theme park, where we caught a show at the Independence theater. They had trained, live seals and dolphins. Next we made our way over to the Jolly Roger which featured a giant skull and a train ride around the track. The kids also went on the Taz Tornado (swings), Road Runner Railway (train), Seaport Barnstormer, Wiggles Big Red Planes, Pepe Le Pew Hearts Aweight(cups), Yosemite Sam Seaplanes Flight Tour, Michigan J. Frog Fun Flotilla (boat rides).

At the Temple of the Orient, we saw the Aldabra tortoises, again, before stopping by a kiosk for the traditional mango and cherry icee purchases. We made our way to the Oasis, where the kids got soaked/drenched/wrinkled to their hearts' content. Next, we hit the Tigerland Treehouse, the Jungleland Express (train ride), Raja's Rickshaws (peacocks), Monkey Around (swings) and ended up at Bugs Bunny National Park. There, the kids rode the Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots planes and Porky Pig Camp Wagons. They loved the wagons so much that they rode it 2 times in a row. (there weren't many kids in line so they could do it). The last ride of the day was in Main Street, where the Enchanted Teacups are located. Kaylie and Liam loved it. I spun them around so much that gravity was lifting them off of their seats. They had a great time!

We spent about 2 hours at the safari and the rest of the day (7 hours) at the theme park. We had a lot of fun, but are all beat! 531



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