Monday, January 31, 2011

Fire and Ice Festival, Part 2 - Loyal American Regiment and Fire Eaters

a re-enactment by the Loyal American Regiment

Who are the Loyal American Regiment? They are Americans, proudly serving His Majesty King George III as Royal Provinicials during the American Revolution. If you'd like to learn more about them, click HERE.
They are also known as Tories.  In the American colonies, Tories were Royalists, who supported British sovereignty over the colonies.


Magical Family Vacation (Disney LO #41)

Background papers and spotted button)  16107
Life is Beautiful kit by Re Kneipp
Magical Vacation WordArt Pack By Bethany
Single Bud Vol4 By Buttercup
(airplane, Arrows directional post, pyramids, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel tower, luggage)
Wanderlust Collab Boutique Cute Doll With Valorie Wibbens By Boutique Cute Doll
(staple)Project 365 Doodads By Dawn Inskip
(Admit One ticket)Impressions of Family Night by the Studio Girls
(string)Kit Project 365 (Includes 2 Free Templates) By Redju
Mickey mouse extracted from one of my own photos. 


Magical Memories (Disney LO #40)


Disney Simple font
I have always liked the Disney characters, but that is not to say that I was crazy for them. However, once you get to the park  and immerse yourself in the experience, it is hard NOT to fall in love with Disney World. There is so much to enjoy there: the movies, the fantasy-come-true characters,  the thrills and rides...
I am so glad that I took the kids at just the right ages (8 and 9) while they are still able to fully enjoy the magic that Disney offers.

Making Magic Bundle By Rosey Posey

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fire and Ice Festival

Yesterday, I took the kids to the Fire and Ice Festival in town.  It is a fun event for the kids because they get to see ice sculptures, sled dogs, re-enactments by the loyalist to Great Britain during the civil war, animals rescued by the wildlife ctr., they get to ride on real firetrucks and even saw fire eaters!

I will only post a few for today; the rest will be posted tomorrow. You will not want to miss tomorrow's picts as you will get to see the fireeaters in action! 16089
Rancocas Creek.

Icy shavings blast on his face and clothes.
He really got into his work.

Check out the ice shavings on his beard!

Barred Owl
Need to cool your buns? I found the perfect solution! :)
Icy Toilet. They didn't provide the plunger this year. :)


France Pavilion (Disney LO #39)

Another page for my Disney album! Yay! 16086
Kit used: Wanderlust Collab Boutique Cute Doll With Valorie Wibbens By Boutique Cute Doll -


Magical Mickey (Disney LO #38)

I guess I am starting to make a little headway with my Disney pages. I have about 40 of them done now.

Boy, I have to tell you that Studio Rosey Posey came in just in the nick of time with this MAKING MAGIC bundle, which is absolutely perfect for my Disney photos and pages!  It is on special now...just saying. :)

Making Magic Bundle By Rosey Posey


The Adventure Begins (Disney LO #36 & 37)

Life is Beautiful - Re Kneipp
Freakazoid: THE LABEL ALPHA By Flergs
Little Stitches by Dawn Inskip
Century Gothic and Waltograph
Sketch by Debbie Hodge (DoubleUp03)
Metal ear brads by Sahlin Studio
MickeyMouse button by Britt-ish Designs


Yahoo Account Hijacked

Hello Everyone,

I am writing to let you know that my Yahoo account has been hijacked. 

It is now sending spam messages to everyone that was on my contacts. I apologize for the spam mail you have been receiving, but please know that it is not me doing it.

In an effort to stop it, I have DELETED all contacts from the account. Hopefully that should stop it. 16077


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birgit Kerr is Retiring :(

In case you haven't heart, Birgit Kerr, one of the very talented designers at SBG is retiring.  Her store is on sale at 50% off. So, if you have had your eye on any of her fabulous designs, now is the time to shop before it is gone.  If you like an additional 10% off, check out her blog for a code. 
 Here are some of the ones that I really love...if you need any ideas. :)
Birgit also has an amazing collection of photo masks, page masks and alphas, so be sure to check those out, too.

Urban Love


Front Porch

Urban Summer

Rooted in the Past Collection

Autumn Song

Squiggly Gig


Monday, January 24, 2011

Disney World (Disney LO #35)

The most magical place in the world.

Life Is Beautiful Kit By Re Kneipp
SF Old Republic font
Silver ear brads by Sahlin Studio
Black mouse ear button by Britt Designs
Mickey mouse extracted from one of my photos.
Magical stars by Doris Castle 15958


May I Have Your Autograph? (Disney LO #34)

Hollywood Studios, Sept. 16, 2010
As we were walking down Main Street taking in the sights and sounds of our surroundings, we saw Mickey’s Blue Magical hat. Off to the side, we spotted Minnie Mouse posing for pictures. Kaylie and I quickly made our way to get in the long line. The park’s photographer took a few pictures of Kaylie and I together with Minnie, and I also asked Minnie’s assistant to take a few photographs with my own camera.

Chelle Creations- Happy kit Alpha
Punched Petals Vol 2 by Studio Buttercup
Life Is Beautiful Kit By Re Kneipp
Silver ear brads by Sahlin Studio.
Polka dot mouse ears by Denise(AGrievingMommy)


Fun @ Legoland (Disney LO #33)

-Imagination Creation: MEGA COLLECTION By Flergs
-Century Gothic font


Liam @ Legoland (Disney LO #32)

--Imagination Creation: MEGA COLLECTION By Flergs
--Captivated by Stephanie - Captivated Visions template
--Century Gothic font 15957


Kay @ Legoland (Disney LO #31)

-Imagination Creation: MEGA COLLECTION By Flergs
-Century Gothic font
--Century Gothic font


Something to Smile About (Disney LO #30)

See those smiles? Those are true smiles...not the cheesy smiles I often get. They just found out they were going to Disney World! 15939

Hello! Smile... by Boutique Cute Doll @ SBG
Staple - Project 365 Doodads by Dawn Inskip


All Star Sports Resort (Disney LOs #28 & 29)

The resort had a decent size pool that was open from 8am to midnight. The minute that Kaylie and Liam saw it they were really excited, especially Kaylie. The problem was that we would spend all day at the parks and would return to the hotel close to midnight. Another problem was that the kids wanted to exit the parks early every day for the sole purpose of playing in the pool. After spending all summer at Hurricane Harbor @ Six Flags back home, I wasn’t about to waste time at the pool. However, I did promise the kids that I would take them to the pool on our last day, 9/20. We were there at 8:00 a.m.(the only ones there!) so the kids had the pool all to themselves.

Happy Island by Sussie M @ SBG
Template by Yin (#25)
Century Gothic
staple Alpha - Scrap w/Brooke @ Digital Scrap Cafe
Seagull - Manu


Toot! Toot! Gallery Standout

Gallery standout at DST on Jan. 24, 2011
I looooooooove Autumn and love it when my kids play in leaves piles.
Credit: The Poet's Keepsakes (With Everything In It!) By Lorie


Gnomes in Norway (Disney LO#27)

At the Norway Pavilion we went into a shop across from the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall where we discovered an enormous 10-foot gnome. Of course, I had to take photos. Sept, 17, 2010

Impact Label Reversed (font), Century Gothic Font

-Candy Box {Collab With JulyDesigns} By MissVivi
-template by KJersti



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