Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Photos Part 3/Christmas

Kaylie decorated a ceramic tile in class. It is super glittery and sparkly.

On Christmas Day, I made the traditional Puerto Rican Yellow Rice with Pigeon Beans, my favorite.

I also made a "pernil," a/k/a pork roast.

Christmas morning. Liam searching for goodie.

Kaylie was pleased with the doll's accessories case she got for Lily.

A present for Lily! Oh, how exciting.

Kay and Liam opening gifts.

She is delighted to see that she got a makeup case.

Thank you note from Santa.

Liam's note to Santa alerting him to the treats and milk. Kaylie wrote him a thank you note, too.

It was 10:00 p.m. and the kids hadn't gone to bed yet. Liam wanted to make sure that Santa got fresh cookies and milk. He insisted on pouring it himself.

Kaylie helping me to mix the cookie batter.

Liam checking on the status of Santa Claus. The Norad site is great because it shows the places that Santa has traveled to and even tells you where he is headed next. I like that it has videos that give you tidbits of information about the countries he has visited.

Liam and Kaylie in front of the oven watching the cupcakes rise.
Liam's look of satisfaction upon learning that he was on Santa's "NICE" list. Santa sent him a video message from the Northpole. Liam got a chance to see Santa open his book and saw a picture of himself there.

Santa even has a picture of me!
When we first checked in, Santa was in Egypt.

Last chocolate from Kaylie's Advent Calendar...boy, did they look forward to eating the tiny chocolates each morning. :)

Kaylie loves peppermint candy canes. She placed them on the tree to resemble a heart. She's a clever one I tell you!
The little house Sparrow has returned.

Cupcakes that Kaylie decorated for her Christmas party.

Kaylie's Christmas party at school. Craft time...

Snowball fight: Aim, Fire!

Mom, here it comes!
I've fallen! Hurry! Take a picture, Mom! Well, she really didn't say those words, but she could have, had she been able to talk.

Mine is bigger than yours!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Soph In Vegas, Comedy by Bette Middler

I love Bette Middler. Her Sophie Tucker-based comedy is fabulous. It is a little racy/naughty, so if you are a prude, you might not want to see this. 6218


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Storm Photos, Part 2

I love the way the light is streaming through the snow and giving it a blue hue.

I haven't seen the Cardinal in months. This is the first time I have seen him perched in my tree. The following day I saw his mate.

Mourning Dove.

Dark-eyed Junco eating seeds.

Love his ruffled feathers.

Kaylie spent about 3 hours outside in the snow having fun. She wore 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, heavy gloves, 2 hats and heavy winter boots. However, that didn't stop the snow from accumulating in her boots. Here, you can see the pockets of snow in her pants...poor thing...her skin was so cold and red.

A veritable wonderland.

Our next door neighbor helping us clean the sidewalk and yard.

Liam gathering snow to make his biggest snow ball.

She is having a blast sliding down the snowpile in our front yard.

On top of the world...well, the snow pile, really.

Our grill...check out the snow accumulation.

The snow mound in our front yard...


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Storm: The Photos!

Song Sparrow. click HERE to listen to the Sparrow's song. Song sparrows are 5 to 7 inches. They have a light brown head with a white streak that runs from the beak over the top of the eye to the back of the head. The bill is short for a sparrow. The adults have a streaked breast with a black spot in the center. They have a long, rounded tail, which they hold cocked up, and pump up and down, as they dart around with their short fluttering flight.

Young birds have finer steaks, and may not have the spot. There are many subspecies with variations from one area to another.

Here's another of the little Junco trying to open a sunflower seed. It was too big for its beak, but that didn't deter him from trying. Click here if you want to hear what a Junco sounds like. The Dark-eyed Junco is a small 5 to 6 1/2 inch bird. There are several forms of Juncos. Four North American were separate until the 1970s when they were all lumped together under Junco Hyemales.

Slate Colored Juncos are gray with white outer feathers that will flash during flight. The male has a dark grey or blackish hood on slate gray, with a whitish belly. Female and young ones are duller. The young may have streaks on the breast. Most have a pale pink bill.

Speedy and Stitchie running up and down the fence, with Liam in tow. It was so cute to see the three of them chasing each other...
Whoa! Look at those gloves...they are humongous! Aren't these the best colors ever?! I guess I am biased but my girl looks fabulous in these bright colors. :)
Kay covered in snow drinking her hot chocolate.
Liam drinking his hot chocolate.
Here's another shot of a little Junco digging deep into the snow to get to the seeds.
Here's another Junco...braving the weather for food. The photo looks remarkably good considering I was shooting through the glass.
The dark-eyed Juncos were in heaven. I hadn't seen them at all this year, but the day of the storm they were out in droves! I put out a lot of wild bird seeds so they'd be taken care of.
My backyard. See the blurry spots, those are spots from the glass from the backdoor. Enlarge it so you can see the grill, which in later photos will be almost covered with snow.
Love the vintage look and feel of the photo...looks like a postcard from long ago that has been in the attic collecting on it to enlarge it.
Here is my rabbit-like Chihuahua, Speedy, hopping to be able to go meet his friend by the fence.

Ok, so you've heard me talk about the colossal winter storm we just got, so here's the proof:


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