Monday, March 22, 2010

Paws Nature Ctr./Fruitopia by SussieM

I did the below posted page and this page for the SussieM blog play day over at Scrapbookgraphics. Click on the link to see the inspiring pages by the other Crew members.

Antique Typewriter Keys Alpha By Jenu
Orchid Dreams Reawakening Paper Alpha by Phuong Ton
Journalicious2 Accents Pack by Ztampf! (label)
Font: Arial

Summertime Beauty/Summertime/SussieM

CREDITS: Banana Alpha from Fruitopia
Summertime kit by SussieM
Summertime Frame Clusters by Sussie M
Sketchology: Word Salad by Bella Gypsy @ Elem Scraps
Bead alpha by Ziggle Desigsn.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blowing Bubbles/Fresh Air by Alana McCarthy

click to enlarge

Fresh Air kit by Alana McCarthy (on sale $4.80)
Jumpers 37-40 by Crystal Livesay
Font: Times New Roman

Friday, March 19, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt 2009 / Easter Treasures by Baersgarten

Easter Treasures by Baers Garten @ SBG
Font: Georgia and Kabel Bk BT
Round blue frame and template (bonus) from Flick kit by Studio Rosey Posey @ SBG


Driver / Tommy's Garage by Lisa [Studio Gypsy]

Tommy's Garage by Lisa [Studio Gypsy}
Font: Century Gothic
Jumpers 5-8 By Crystal


Boy / Geared by Studio Rosey Posey

Century Gothic
Jumpers 9-12 by Crystal
Geared by Studio Rosey Posey

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Love Your Style / Fancy by Studio Rosey Posey

My dear girl, I think I am in trouble. You are about to turn 4 and I already see the signs of a fashionista. It seems like just yesterday you were running around in diapers, but look at you now! You love to wear pretty dresses and fancy shoes. Here, I caught you raiding my closet. You picked out my silver high heel shoes, put on your favorite bright red Minnie Mouse dress and paraded around like a queen. I got to admit that you looked really cute.

Kit: Fancy by Rosey Posey @ SBG
Font:Century Gothic--Adventouriste ARTiStitches By Ztampf
--Book of Me: The First 10 by Crystal Livesay
Silver Alpha: Gotta Nickel by Rosey Posey
"Your" word: Alphabead by Kimberly Giarruso

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Great Adventure Opening

I just got notice that Six Flags Great Adventure opens on March 27th, 2010. Guess who just bought season passes to all 3 parks? Yay, us!

If you are in New Jersey, you have until March 26th to purchase your season pass tickets at a reduced rate. You can purchase the 3-park combo season ticket for $99.99 or $79.99 for the theme park/Safari. After the 27th, you'll have to purchase them at regular price. 7774

Hello Sunshine / Lucky Bucket by Berna Datema

Lucky Bucket by Berna
Spring wordart by ON Designs @ SBG
Bird (by frame) from Impressions of Tranquility by the Studio Girls @ SBG

Baby Robin / Lucky Bucket by Berna Datema

Baby Robin
Fonts: Port Credit and Pea Steele
Birds from Of A Feather By Berna
Adventouriste ARTiStitches By Ztampf
Lucky Bucket by Berna

Lucky me / Lucky Me by Rosey Posey

The little frogs are just too cute! Well, actually, it is just one frog, but I copied it, then reduced its size and recolored it a little different so it wouldn't be identical to the other...2 frogs in love. :) It is the season for frogs, turtles, birds, earthworms, etc.

--Lucky Me Mini Kit by Rosey Posey
Inspired by a page by DeAnna Heidmann in the Dec. 2008 issue of Scrapbooks Etc.
--Label: Journalicious Accents Pack By Ztampf
--Fonts: Times New Roman
--Green Ribbons: The Essential : Ribbons By MissVivi
--Alpha: From Flick kit by Rosey Posey
--White SPlatter Stamp - The Essential: Splatter by Miss Vivi

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maria / Vintage Farm

Lace from Rejuvenation kit by Veronica Spriggs/Studio Vivarant
Spectacles-Studio JenU-Notable Mini kit Farm kit by MZimmerman
Mixed Stiches 02 by MZimmerman

Monday, March 15, 2010

As Fresh As Springtime / Mediterranean Muse
(currently ON SALE) Additional coupon for 20% off found HERE.

Jumpers 29-32 By Crystal
Mediterranean Muse Bundle By Phuong
Adventouriste ARTiStitches By Ztampf
Spring Wordarts By Ondesigns

Crashing Waves / By The Sea

By the Sea kit by Phuong Ton

I guess you already know that I have a "thing" for beach/water/ocean/lake/nautical pages.

Here's a page that I did with Phuong's BY THE SEA kit, which is on sale right now. If you go to her blog, you will find a coupon for an additional 20 percent off - CLICK HERE.

ARTiStitches No. 2
Blue Marble Alpha from Mediterranean Muse Bundle by Phuong
By the Sea kit by Phuong @ SBG
Font: Century
ACTION: Doodle Alpha (Collab With Krystal Harltey) By Wendy
Timepiece/watch: Adventouriste Pieces Of Time By Ztampf

Camera Bag Giveaway

Epiphanie bags is sponsoring an awesome camera bag give-away today on Donna Downey's blog! One commenter will be chosen to win a camera bag of their choice. Follow the below link for our chance to win.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Closing Sale

Day at the Zoo

Prehistoric - A Dinosaur Kit

Mediterranean Muse

Autumn's Kiss

Winter Sonata

The super talented Phuong Ton (Studio Phuong) is taking a break from designining. As a result, Studio Phuong will be closing March 31st. Save 35% off everything in her shop 'til then. These are some of my favorites... Feel free to check them out HERE.

Beautiful Almost Spring Days / Refresh

Now that spring is nearing, the days are starting to get warmer. In order to motivate myself, I take the kids to the park often. This was our first trip back to Long Bridge Park since the renovations. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and we all enjoyed the day.

Fonts: FG Saga (T1) and Century Gothic
Kit: Refresh (FULL KIT) by Baersgarten @ SBG (On sale for $4.80)
Stitching: Adore kit by Baersgarten @ SBG
Staple: The Essential : Fasteners By MissVivi @ SBG
Book of Me: The First 10 by Crystal Livesay @ SBG

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Frogs / Frog Hunting / Toadily Enchanting / Squigglygig

Font: Century Gothic
Kit: Squigglygig by Birgit Kerr
Book Of Me The Second 10 By Crystal

Squigglygig kit by Birgit Kerr @ SBG
The Book of Me [the second 10] by Crystal Livesay @ SBG
Pea Sue Print

Squigglygig by Birgit Kerr @ SBG
The papers consist of a fun array of bright blues, yellows, greens and oranges, with lovely textures and detailed patterns, splats, squiggles, swirls and dots. The alpha is perfect for all of your fun layouts. I know I will be using this kit again soon!

When the kids were younger, we always used to go to the lake during summer time, spawning season to be exact, to watch the bullfrogs hop around. Even prissy Kaylie would delight in chasing the frogs, and even went as far as grabbing a few herself.


The End of Innocence

My kids aren't little anymore. :(

Every day I tell Liam that when he goes to school the fairies come in and clean up his room. This is my way of telling him that when he is away, I clean up his room. Why, do you ask, I tell him that the fairies did it? Simple. I tell him this so he realizes that we don't have a maid or fairies that do our work...we all have to pick up after ourselves.

But I digress, while I was telling him that the fairies had cleaned his room, he was busy telling me that he knows that there aren't real fairies - or as he puts it - they don't exist. So I asked him, what about the tooth fairy that brings you money when you loose your teeth? He laughs and tells me that that she isn't real - it is me leaving him money. He also went on to tell me that the Easter bunny isn't real and doesn't leave chocolate eggs. Every year, I have DH take the kids out for a walk around the block, while I go out and hide the eggs. I guess I don't have to use that excuse anymore. Oh, and lastly, Santa isn't real! So I guess Santa isn't sending him video messages or bringing him presents this year. Sigh. Darn kids are just too smart nowadays. They are too busy growing up and shedding their innocence in the process. There aren't magical fairies to wonder about anymore...what can they look forward to now? Oh well, I knew it was going to happen, but still...

Last week we had parent-teacher conferences for 3 days.
-Kaylie is coming along nicely in school and enjoy it. She still needs to improve her reading skills and spelling, but she has shown improvements.
-Liam is doing extremely well academically, but his behaviour sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. He grows bored of his school work, calls out answers, and doesn't complete his work because it is "too easy." He thinks he knows everything...

Last week I took them both to a pediatric optometrist for a yearly checkup. Kaylie had been complaining that she can't see the blackboard well. Liam wasn't complainining, nor shows problems, but it doesn't hurt to make sure. Anyway, Kaylie is farsighted and will need a mild prescription. We picked out her glasses, which should be ready sometime next week. Liam appears to be a little farsighted, as well, but there's isn't a need for glasses yet.

I can tell that Spring is around the corner. The crazy weather we are having with cold and warm days is driving me crazy and am sick. I have a horrible cold and am congested. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the itching. I think my allergy is emerging.

Oh well, I see the doctor tomorrow so at least I can look forward to getting some type of relief. In the meantime, I just can' sleep. 7647

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Clean Canvas by Lisa [Studio Gypsy] @ SBG
Keeper of Time by Lisa @ SBG
Grungy Spots By Lisa @ SBG

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Waiting for Spring

-Think of You by ON Designs
-Stitches and Leaves corner by On Designs
-Summer Overlays by ON Designs
-Waiting: Flerg's Flairy Floss Alpha @ SBG
-S: Shabby Alpha tag by ON Designs
-P: Round alpha by ON Designs (retired)
-R:Tiny typewriter alpha by Nicole Young
-I: OhShabby Alpha by Randi Oh
-FOR and N: Ziggle Designs Alphabead alpha
-G: Little Old Alpha:Blooming Sweethearts In The Garden by Lorie Davison @ SBG
Book of Me [the second 10] by Crystal Livesay @ SBG

The weather is improving more and more everyday. I took the kids out for a walk at the lake on Saturday, and then to Long Bridge Park on Sunday. I do it to motivate myself to get out of the house and to get the kids out and about. This page highlights 2 of the photos I took...7610

Monday, March 8, 2010

Love Blooms Here / Casual Attraction

I made this page for the blog playday over at Scrapbookgraphics. Studio MGL (Monica Guerra Leiria). Everyone who participates in the lyrical challenge will have a chance to win a $25.00 coupon to her store; 2 coupons will be awarded. There is a 40% discount coupon on the blog, too. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

KIT USED: Casual Attraction (mega bundle) by Flergs and MGL @ SBG
Fonts: NimbusSansT and Myriad Pro 7587

Friday, March 5, 2010

Circus / Carousel

We went to the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey "Barnum's Funundrum" 10 days ago. My pictures aren't stellar because we were seated very, very far away, but I did the best I could.
Carousel [the full collection] by Alana McCarthy and Birgit Kerr
Carousel Additions by Alana

La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose by Soval @ SBG
Template by Jennifer Fox
2 Clear Alphas: Plain And Polka By Phuong

Alice in Wonderland: Impossible Things

A new, strange, wondrous world unfolds before her...

Alice following the rabbit to his rabbit hole.
I picked this kit because it is very unlike me. It is chuck full of wonderful, whimsical elements and it forces me to think outside of my norm. Sometimes I got to do that to keep things fresh.


memories of Mom/Pant Suit/Stitched with Love

My earliest recollection of mom is of her working in a brassiere factory in Mayaguez. All through her life she worked in different factories making all sorts of garments. Back in 1985 I even worked right along with her at Wags Mfgt. in a sport jackets company. Her last commercial job was at the Parachute co. in Trenton, where she had the accident that crushed her finger.

Sewing With Love Collection By Baersgarten
Curled edge by Helena Jole.

Although Mom had always loved to sew, I didn't inherit this particular talent from her. In high school, I remember sewing a simple dress for my Home Economics class, but that was the extent of my interest. As I grew older, I developed a love for cross stich, which Mom also picked up.It wasn't until many years later, when Kaylie came along, that I decided to try sewing. I saw a really cute pant suit pattern at the store that I wanted to try. I picked a light green pattern with white daisies that screamed spring to me. I added daisy buttons, white scallop heart trim around the pockets and bee decals. She loved wearing it and looked totally adorable. Dec. 2004/Christmas.

Sewing With Love Collection By Baersgarten


Memories of Happier Times (Attn: Evelyn)

My happiest days of childhood were spent at my grandparent's house. Abuelita Julia and Abuelito Miguel were always there to greet us from school until Mami came from work to pick us up. They've been gone for over 25 years, but I still miss them so.

(If you are wondering which one I am, I am the one with the man, my grandfather. The other picture depicts my younger siblings, Tito and Evelyn with my grandmother. My youngest brother is missing from this picture.)

Kit used: Serendipitous by Tangie Baxter @ SBG


Lola's Not So Secret Garden

Black and blue Butterfly - impossible things by Tangie Baxter
Blackbird (which I extracted)from 4 and Twenty blackbirds by Tangie
bird on a branch (by torn edge) Aviary {bird} Dreams by Tangie
Butterflies from Field Notes by Tangie Baxter
Torn Out And Curled Paper Templates #1 By Jen Caputo
Lola Rose {A Rebecca McMeen Collection} By Tangie
Bluejay-Manuela Zimmerman - Along the Beach Elements
Font: AvantGarde Bk BT, WhisperWrite
Alpha from FLICK kit by Lorilei Murphy/Studio Rosey Posey

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Winter Landscape / IO Simplicity

This is another layout done with the Impressions of Simplicity collection. The grass overlay (on the lower right hand corner) and the snow overlay are by Lorie Davison and not part of the kit. The antique typewriter key alpha is by JenU @ SBG. I used a template from template pack 32 by Cindy Schneider @ Peppermint Creative.
These are some of the photos that I had previously posted in my JUST FOR TODAY post of February 28, found HERE. 7503


Simplicity / IO Simplicity

My layout using the Impressions of Simplicity collection that I raved about in a previous post, which is still $3.99 until March 3rd after which it will be $7.99.


The Greatest Show On Earth

Out of the Volkswagen came IRON MAN, who was holding an iron and using an ironing board as a shield.

How many people can you fit in this Volkswagen? We will soon find out!

The Torres Family performers...can you believe that there were 6 motorcycles riding around this globe? You have to see it in is awesome!
Body Benders

That's a girl on the bottom holding that buff guy up!

The "Neandarthal" running around the stage...went running around the "bearded lady" and held on to her beads, which of course, came off.

Dward running away from the formerly caged Neandarthal.

I loved the long shadow behind the cclown.

The tiger tamer was in there with 8 tigers!

The elephants marching in during the opening of the show.

The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus came to the Wachovia Ctr. in Philadelphia to perform their Barnum's Funundrum show. We went to see it on Sunday. Kaylie and I had tickets already because we were supposed to go on a school trip on Friday, which of couse, got cancelled due to snow. While it did snow, on and off, on Satuday and Sunday, we braved the weather. Can you believe that the cost to park was $15.00? The ticket to go over the bridge to Pennsylvania was $4.00. We paid $54.00 for 2 tickets and that only got us as far as what I like to call the "nose bleed" section - the very last upper tier of the stadium. And that was with upgraded tickets, I wonder if they would have seated in the parking lot if we had purchased the bare minimum. (Yes, I am being facetious.) If we had wanted to buy a small icee, we would have had to pay $11.00 for each one. Unbelievable! This is a show geared towards kids, and if you are on a budget, there is no way that anyone can purchase the souvenirs that are being pushed by the vendors as one enters the building, or the food. Then they wonder why attendance to these events has dimished!
Waiting in line to purchase tickets was another experience. We arrived over 2 hours earlier than the advertised show time and finally made it to the arena with a half hour to spear, which meant that we missed the pre-show. There weren't enough ticket counters open and there weren't any bars/dividers to keep the people in an orderly line so once you entered the door you were left wondering what lane you were supposed to go on. I kid you not when I tell you that I waited in line for over 45 minutes and there weren't more than 10 people in front of me! I think I had the slowers teller in the whole building.
Anyway, We were really far away and high up, so photography is less than stellar. I did the best could with my camera.
We all enjoyed the show and wished were closer so we could see better. You'd think that they would at least have monitors so that the less fortunate can see the action happening, but no, that is too much to ask. 7494



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