Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Studio Arisu Now Open @ Scrapbookgraphics/Free Template

Alice Che has recently joined the Studio Girls at Scrapbookgraphics. An article about her and her designs can be found @ the SBG Blog. There is also a free template and a coupon...

Here are some sample pages I made using her Heart Template and one of her In Threes: 1 templates.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Harbor Seal
Fountain from the State Library.

Yeah, right! Having the kids at home full-time and my husband at the same time has thrown a wrench in my routine.

First off, on Monday, Liam had an appt. for a physical and I completely forgot. Sigh, I scheduled it 3 months ago and now have to wait until the beginning of Sept. to get it done. I feel like such a bad mother. I have never ever missed one of my kids' appts.

DH is on vacation this week so I have to deal with his needs, too.

I am just not ready for the incessant talking, running, screaming that begins at the crack of dawn and ends around 9:00 p.m. in the nighttime. I need my peace and quiet in the mornings, which I now realize is a thing of the past until school begins again.

On Monday, DH took the kids to his mother's house for a few hours in the evening. We got a call the next day from Grandma telling us that Liam had broken a door handle and had locked the tv channels so she couldn't watch most of the channels on her tv.

So, before we headed on to the Museum yesterday, we stopped over at their house to replace the door handles and unlock the tv. Liam was reprimanded by his father and then again by from his grandfather. They were too busy reprimanding him that they didn't think to ask Liam what the codes where to unlock the tv. I asked Liam nicely, he gave me the code and I unlocked the tv channels. All was well with the world again. I told Grandma to hide the freaking remote so he doesn't have the tempation to mess with it.

We took the kids to the Trenton State Museum and the New Jersey State House, where you can find the governor.

I will post more photos later. I got to go out with the kids.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day/Great Adventure - Trip 2

Sunset I saw when I got home. A perfect ending.
Mr. Six sure likes to shake his booty!
This parachute is 250 feet high.

Kaylie and Daddy loved riding the parachute. They rode it twice, but couldn't convince Liam to join them. :)
Yikes! That's me! DH didn't give me a chance to tuck in my tummy or anything!
The kids rode a chicken while at the carousel. Riding a horse is so passe! When I saw this chicken, I thought of Michelle, the chicken lady.
Porky Pig, Petunia and KaylieLiam absolutely loooooved Blackbeards Lost Treasure Train. He proclaimed it to be the best ride ever! I thought he hated it by his expression, but I was wrong.
Daddy and kids rode the caboose.
Kaylie and Daddy riding the Buccaneer.
Kaylie and Liam riding the Jolly Roger.
Kaylie and I rode Skull Mountain.
Liam cooling off.
Granny's house.

Bugs Bunny Fun Factory
I spy...a groundhog. It is spying my funnel cake.
Funnel-eating groundhog.
Funnel-eating groundhog...and you thought I was kidding!?
Gotham City
Green Lantern
Do you remember Linda Carter as Wonderwoman? I loved the show and watched it faithfully. I especially like the theme song. :) Don't know what I am talking about, listen to it HERE.
Runaway Mine Train
Snake in the grass...sunbathing. There were actually 3 of them.
Drum time!
Tree house.
First time riding the elephants.
Turtle topiary.

Warning: Photo intensive post.

On Father's Day, Daddy came to Great Adventure with us! The kids loved having him there as they were able to go on many rides that we usually can't ride together due to motion sickness and I am afraid of heights, too.
I took tons of photos, but I won't bore you with pedestrian shots. :)
We took the kids to the museum and on a tour of the N.J. State House today, which I will post for you tomorrow.


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