Thursday, July 29, 2010


Seagull minding her own business.

Kay in the wave pool.

Kay and Liam maxin' and relaxin' in the wave pool.

Liam splashing about...

Liam and Kaylie competing to see who could hold their breath the longest.

Goldfish nibbling on the roots of a plant.

The ubiquitous butterfly that I seem to see everywhere!

I think this is a bearded dragon...not sure at this minute. What I do remember is that it is behind a hideous plexiglass that makes taking a decent shot impossible.



Baby Giraffe.

At least, it didn't peck my car this time.


On Monday, we went to the safari and to Hurricane Harbor. The temperature was cool enough that one could walk comfortably. There was a breeze and the humidity was lower that it had been in many weeks. We went to the safari early in order to see the animals out and about. It has been my experience that if we go late, the animals will be hiding from the sun which defeats the purpose of us going to see them.

Kaylie and Liam love the water park and look forward to spending most of their day there. As usual, I took a few photos of them, put the camera away, then joined them later in the day. These are just a few of the shots I took. 9633

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Album is Ready/Pernickety Prints Review

Note: Please forgive the quality of the prints. I was having a hard time finding a spot where I could take photos without glare.

I got my prints from Persnickety Prints in the mail on Monday! Wow, talk about fast service! I placed my order on Friday afternoon; within an hour I had gotten another message informing me that the prints had been printed and mailed.

You have no idea how excited I was to come home and find the neat package waiting for me at the door. It came in a 12x12 cardboard box. I opened the box and found my prints tucked neatly in a plastic clear bag, which was affixed to the box, to prevent shifting during travel.

The colors were brilliant, just as I had envisioned, and printed exactly as I saw them on my computer screen. Using the interface at the website was very easy, as was choosing the correct size from the listed choices. Customer service was quick and responsive, and shipment of prints was super fast and efficient. I highly recommend PERSNICKETY PRINTS and will order from the in the future.

Note: If I take my photos to CVS, I find that their machines usually blow up the photos and I end up with photos that have portions cut off; however, I don't have this problem with Walgreens.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New LO: A Newly Gained Understanding

This is a page for my Mom's Memorial album.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Anniversary Album/Pioneer/Persnipety/Slide Show

Don't faint, but I scrapped again! Well, it helps that my uncle called me last week wondering when they might be receiving the photos and book that I promised them. I mean, the anniversary party took place the 1st week of June, so enough time has elapse for me to have made the pages, fixed the photos and printed them, right?

About 3 weeks ago, I went to A.C. Moore to pick up a PIONEER Memory Book where I could store the scrapbook pages, as well as pocket pages for photos or memorabilia. I grabbed it quickly, but soon realized that I didn't have enough pocket pages for the photos. A.C. Moore was out of the pocket refill pages so my other option was to order them directly from Pioneer.

I filled out the form, sent the payment and about 5 days later, I received my refill pages in the mail. I will definitely order from them again.

Getting back to the pages, as you know, I haven't had my scrapping mojo since May. However, that changed when Lorie Davison debuted her Prince in the City kit. It actually gave me the shot in the arm (mojo) that I so desperately needed. Translation: the kit was exactly what I needed to scrap the band photos. You know, I find that Lorie's kits are inspiring to me. I always love each and every page that I make with her kits.

But I digress, for a cohesive look, I did double pages and kept a basic color scheme through the pages.

Now that the pages are scrapped and my photos printed, I decided to order my scrapbook page prints from Persnickety Prints. I have heard good things from various online friends, plus I sent them a quick question about page bleeds, to which they responded quickly!

I ordered the pages today and about an hour later I got an e-mail message that the order had been completed and mailed. How is that for fast! I can't wait to see the actual pages so I can place them in the album and be done with it.

Once I get the scrapbook pages from Persnickety I will tell you how they look and take pictures to show you, of course!

In the meantime, here is a slide show of all the pages I did. Click on View All Images, then choose FULL SCREEN VIEW to view the pages up close.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shark/Hurricane Harbor/Freebies/Photo Tips

Kaylie swimming underwater.

Liam swimming underwater.

Yesterday, I went to Hurricane Harbor with my Elizabeth and her son, Emanuel. It was a treat for the kids to have someone else come along for the ride.

It was a super hot day, so it was perfect for a water park outing. We arrived promptly at opening time (9:30a.m.) and got in the extremely long purchase-ticket-line, before getting in line to enter the park. This was a precursor of what the park held in store for us all day long.

The kids wanted to go on the Tak It Eze Creek which loops you in a 360 circle, but that didn't open until 11:00. We decided to go on the 4 Winds, but it was filled to capacity. There were no tubes anywhere to be found!

We then headed over to Discovery Bay where they got drenched under a bucket of splashing water that comes down every 20 minutes. I didn't get wet as I was taking photos. Liam rode the orange slide, while Kaylie went on the blue. Emanuel was too tall for the slides.

After a while, we headed on the Wave Pool at The Blue Lagoon. That was fun!

The Tornado ride had a waiting line of over 1 hour 30 minutes and Bada Bing ride had no tubes available. Hurricane Mountain had tubes so the kids rode the mountain 2 times.

We went out of the park to grab lunch, then returned and went on the Tak It Eze Creek (you guessed it! Without a tube!) 2 times. Emanuel wanted to ride the 4 winds, but again, there was one tube and the line was incredibly long. Instead we headed over to the Wave Pool once more for an hour then left.

I had to rush home to drop off Elizabeth and then make a mad dash for Liam's counseling appointment in Moorestown. We were late in excess of 15 minutes.

Afterwards, we had to go to Costco to get some groceries, which meant we got home around 8:00 p.m. Boy, was I beat from all the running around!

Here are some photos for you viewing pleasure.


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