Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Snow Pictures

The neighbor across the street cleaning his sidewalk.

Bike riding in the winter rules!

Yes, that's right, I like to ride my bike in the winter time!

Don't let her fool you. She is not shoveling snow, she is a pretender.



Today is a Sad Day...

If you'd like to see it closer, click to enlarge.

Today is a sad day. Mom passed away 2 years ago today. We miss her so. Kaylie still cries quite often.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Goalie / Get in the Game

Scraplift of Tammy's layout: (Beat the Heat)
Alpha, note paper, button, green ppr. and strap from Get in the game (full kit) by Bearsgarten
White paper and black paper from Everyday 365 Solid Papers By Baersgarten
Everyday 365 Calendar Flair By Baersgarten
Font: Century Gothic 7417

Waving My White Flag

Catching snowflakes

I wave my white flag and won't complain about the snow. It has been snowing since 9 0'clock last night until noon time today. School has been cancelled, but dh had to report to work. It rained last night and the water was freezing on the car. I was cleaning off the ice at midnight because I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to open the door because of frozen ice in the crevices.
Kaylie was so upset. She had a school trip to the circus today, which was cancelled. Liam, on the other hand, can care less. The plow just came down the street. I hope that the main highways aren't too bad as I have to take Kaylie for her physical.
The birds are out in droves looking for food, especially the Starlings! I feel sorry for the Robins. I think they jumped the gun a bit and arrived too early from their migration. We have had so much snow this year, which is really unusual. Anyway, I am off to shovel snow. 7415


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just For Today

Don't these conkers look pretty with their snow crowns?

I think is my most favorite photo of them all. The dirt-looking spots are actually snowflakes on my lens. I was in the car shooting out of the window up into the sky. (The lake was deserted this early in the morning. Only the most enthusiastic nature lovers (a/k/a nuts) are out taking pictures.)

I burned the edges of the photo, applied a texture and a blue filter.

Not much to say here...I just liked the way that the tiny seeds were covered with snow.

I loved the yellow leaves against the stark white snow. I applied a texture to darken the edges and bring attention to the leaves and pathway into the woods.

I was atop a tiny bank looking down at a fallen tree.

I am not sure if you will be able to tell, but this is a Mallard Duck happily swimming in the lake. Just look at the snow coming down! I knew I was too far away to capture details of the duck, I liked the flow/motion of the water.

I added a dark texture to the photo to highlight the lonely leaf dangling from the snow covered branch.

Here's my "cute" girl happily wearing my hat.

Just for today, I shall not complain and will rejoice for the new day that the Lord has given me.

It is a dark grey, cold day, 33F degrees. I hustled to prepare breakfast for DH and the kids.

According to Kaylie, today was "LOOK CUTE" day at school. Liam didn't want to look cute, though. :) I am not sure if she was making this up or not, but you know what, I like her to look cute, so I let her wear what she need to complete her look. She chose a pair of Chino slacks and a long-sleeve pink top with sequin decoration, with a tie in the front. She wanted to wear my caramel-colored fuzzy winter hat - you know - the one that makes me look like a Russian. Liam just wanted a pair of jeans and his favorite striped turtleneck long-sleeve shirt.

After I got them dressed, I went out to warm up the car and clean up the car. It has been snowing since last night. I shall not complain about the snow. After I dropped off the kids at school, I went for a walk at the lake. It was so beautiful. The gently falling snow is slowly blanketing everything under the sun. As I look up, the snow is softly twirling around me, I can hear in the background the birds singing their beautiful songs, I am grateful to be alive. The birds have no one to take care of them, yet they go on. They live each day as it comes and go on their merry way. There's a lesson in there for us all, I think. I took this lesson to heart today and snapped away trying to capture the wonderful nature treasures before me. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Wild Friends



Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hello Everybody,
Here's a few freebies I found in my travels:

Don't forget to thank the designers for their generous gifts! 7363

Rainy Day Couture

It's a rainy day today...the kids looked so cute in their rainy gear. Liam looked especially cute in his raincoat. :)

Chalk Alpha and blackboard by ON Designs 7351


Monday, February 22, 2010

A Smile as Sweet as Spring

The minute I saw Alana's Golden Moments kit I thought of Spring and of this photo. I vividly remember my handsome boy smiling sweetly at me while admiring the flowers.

Golden Moments by Alana McCarthy @ SBG
Font: VHI-HL-ThuphapLife is good tag from Refresh kit by the ScrapGirls
Alpha from Baersgarten' Adore kit.


In My Daughter's Eyes

I have the sweetest, most loving daughter in the whole world! She is quick with a smile and is always happy to see me.

Martina McBride's song: In My Daughter's Eyes - see it here:
JOURNALING: God must have been watching out for me when he gave me my beautiful daughter, Kaylie. A sweeter, most loving child can not be found. She is a beautiful child, both inside and out. I am so thankful and grateful to have her in my life.
Jumpers 37-40 by Cystal @ SBG -
Gotta Nickel Alpha by Rosey Posey @ SBG
The Essential : Ribbons By MissVivi
The Essential : Fasteners By MissVivi
The Essential : Splatter By MissVivi
ACTION: Sharpen It By Wendy

Sunday, February 21, 2010

End of Soccer Season, etc.

The Robins are back! I don't know if that means that Spring is coming shortly or if they jumped the gun, so to speak. The kids and I went to the cemetery to visit Adam today and there were a ton of them all around.

Today was the last day of indoor soccer. While the team didn't win enough games to make it to the finals, the kids were awarded a participation trophy. They kids didn't know any better and were happy.

Inside the highschool where the game was held, they had an indoor niche with foliage and a fountain. isn't it pretty?

Liam was so happy that the coach let him be a GOALIE today. All season long he had been begging to be one, so he was allowed on the 2nd half of the game.

These conkers look so pretty against the blue sky...just hanging in there minding its own business.

I love the way the sun bathed the bridge and how it reflected on the water.

We had a beautiful day today. The temperature was 45F and no wind. We went to the lake for a walk and didn't even mind that we had to slush through uncleaned pathways. I am trying very hard to make an effort to get out of the house and get the old body moving. Liam wanted to take a photo of Kaylie and I, and I agreed. He didn't want to be in the photo, though.

The Canada Geese rushed over to the river bank to meet us.

This leaf was fluttering in the wind...

Liam and Kaylie walking hand in hand at the lake. I love to watch them interact. 7325


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Extractions for Dummies: The Tutorial

Have you seen my scrapbook pages where I have extracted a person out of a photo and made a fantasy this one
or this one
or this one
and wanted to try it out for yourself? Now is your chance! The incredibly talented Melissa wrote a step by step tutorial showing you how to extract a person. Go ahead, try it...go check it out at the Scrapbookgraphics blog, which is found HERE. 7261

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scrapbookgraphics' New Look and a Free Gift

Have you stopped by Scrapbookgraphics latety? The new site remodel is wonderful. It has the most beautiful and serene colors...and new added functionality. I especially like that the store keeps track of the last time you were there and tells you how many items have been added since the last time you visited.

The blog was given a makeover looks fabulous. It has a magazine-like format with revolving flashing features that highlight the latest articles.

And if you head on over to the blog, you'll find a free quickpage, which was made with the Impressions of Kindness collection. Click HERE to be taken to the blog for your download. 7235

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Happy Home / Studio Baersgarten

click to enlarge.

I've never really done a layout featuring my house, children, pet and husband all in the same page and in the same time period. I just love Baergarten's My Happy Home kit...I especially love the felt elements. This kit has the most fabulous papers, too. A win-win kit and on sale now!


New L/O: 2 Sets of Teeth / Toothfairy

Liam turned 6 years old last month. He still has all of his baby teeth. Not one of them is loose yet. However, I just noticed that his permanent teeth on the bottom had grown in! Liam didn't even complain about gum pain or anything. I found out strictly by accident. The funny thing was that Kaylie was upset that Liam had 4 front bottom while she only had 2. She thought that Liam could eat better because he had silly is that?
--Templatez Volume 4 By Neenee
--Arrow by Sylvie Wagner (Sausan Designs @ Catscraps)
--Alpha from Adore [full kit] by Baersgarten
--Toothfairy [full kit] by Alana McCarthy 7188


Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Storm 2010: Photos Part Deux/Bike Riding in the Winter

For a closer look, click on photos to enlarge.

Sliding down a mound of snow...

Come on bike, let's get you out of the pile and on to the sidewalk. Daddy still wants me to help him clean up so I have to ride you to avoid doing any actual work. I hope he doesn't notice my ruse!

Wheeee, watch me ride my bike like the wind...

Ok, here I go again!

You know Mom, this snow is not deep enough to deter me from riding my bike.

Look, Mom, I am on the tree, not using my hands!




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