Saturday, January 30, 2010

Artist at Work

My 9-yer old really loves to paint, draw and make crafts, plus she loves to pose...Anyway, I've been working on this page for 3 is late, so I will come back with revised credits tomorrow.
--3d shadow action by Wendyzine @ SBG--Artist at work label by journastrips-livinglife-- Tape from Miss Vivi's basics*-K.A.T. --Fishes, sea serpent, water splash and ladder from Little fishies by Lorie Davison--Paint Palette (bywindow) by --Tangie Baxter - Art Journal Caravan --Paint roller by Gunhild Storeide--Font: FFF Tusj--Paint jars by Holliewood --Bear - flying dreams-lorie Davison--Paper in small photo frame: Bunnies, Bees and the Big Balloon by Lorie Davison(thebig balloon-springdreampprs.)-Frame from Pioneer by Lorie Davison
main bg. ppr. from Before the First Snow by Lorie Davison.

Still The One / Cupid's Arrow

Cupid's Arrow --FULL KIT-- By Alana McCarthy and Irene Alexeeva
Little Old Alpha - Blooming Sweethearts In The Garden Elements By Lorie
Bead alpha by Ziggle Designs
Template- December Moments Album By Crystal Livesay


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prehistoric Predator / Prehistoric

Liam mounting a dinosaur at the Children's Garden in Camden, 6/2/2006
Note: Light colored egg and the 2 dinosaurs in the back were extracted from pictures I took.

Prehistoric - A Dinosaur Kit By Phuong
Font:Century Gothic 6792

Monday, January 25, 2010

SBG Blog Playday - Nature Theme: Backyard Birds

As you may or may not know, I love to watch the birds in my backyard, while eating my breakfast in the dining room. I have a perfect view of the trees in the yard, and its visitors.
The Cardinal is very skittish and flies away instantly the minute it senses movement. The Finch doesn't really care too much about being observed within inches as long as I keep behind the crystal door. The woodpecker is oblivious of observers as it is too busy hopping from one branch to the next searching for bugs or a good spot to peck.
Credits: Natural Summer by SovalBg.papers, orange flowers, yellow ribbon, frames, buttons, birds, clouds, beads, stitches, string
green foliage and brown paper - colchique dans les pres by Soval
Clipping Mask: Clipping Masks Vol.2 - Winter By Natali
Pulley - Drifting Snow Dreams Birdville Elements By Lorie
Journaling strip - Me,Myself and I paper cuts by Randi Oh
Fonts: Century Gothic, Embossing tape
School Girl Alphas by Michelle Godin


Art Journal Caravan, Wk. 4: Let Loose with Colors

For week 4, one of the prompts was to "let loose with colors," which prompt I took to heart. I find myself reaching for bold colors in order to keep the winter blues away. Orange and Royal blue are my most favorite color combination. The sight of them makes me happy and uplifts my mood.
I extracted, I burnt, I masked, I recolored, I blended modes, I erased, I ran filters...I did so many things I don't think I can replicate this ever again.
(My pc did crash 2 times because of storms in our this is my 3rd attempt.)
Play word (top right) by Tangie Baxter (free)Grass-colored alpha used in the word "Play: Markerdoodledoo by Tangie Baxter (modified. I extracted the pillar upon which she was leaning and cloned her tutu and wings.)
Mo Native Art Kit - The Works By Ruby Rynne
Painterly Art Journal Backgrounds By Maya Century GothicStapled tag from Weeds and Wildflowers.
Thanks for looking. 6762


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Art Journal Caravan: Mend

Mom's 2 year death anniversary is next it has been weighing heavy on my mind as of late. There were so many things that I didn't get to tell her. I thought I had many more years, but alas, the Lord had other plans for her.

[b]-Journaling strips: Me, Myself and I Paper Cuts by RandiOh @ SBG
-Ivory lace ribbon from Rejuvenation kit by Veronica Spriggs @ SBG
-Scribbles Vol. 1 by Birgit Kerr @ SBG
-Stitching on frame from Mixed Stitches 02 [CU/PU/S4H] By Manuela
-Cross and cameo from Vintage Mini Pretties by Studio JenU @ SBG
_Vintage book cover from Antique Books by JenU @ SBG
-Long stem red roses from Natural Wonders Collection: Pickin' Wildflowers By Jenu
-Art Journal Caravan Provisions {Parcel 03} By Tangie
(Bg. ppr., pin, ivory button (extracted), scalloped edge mat, black vintage lace ribbon, frame, red splatter, mend wordart (recolored)
-Sequins from Art Journal Caravan Provisions (Parcel 01) by Tangie
-Girl (extracted from a bg. ppr.) from Art Journal Caravan {Expedition 2010} By Tangie Baxter and Amanda Sexton @ SBG[/b]
Font: Studio Tangie Fonts: The Director {CU OK} By Tangie

-Raindrops by ABB
-Photo of trees with light streaming through: A Walk in the Woods by Amy Pearson
-Verdant (really green colored) foliage from A Natural Earth by Sabdebois
-Stitched border (along the top)from Heaven Sent 2 by Nicole Young @ DSP
-Newspaper obituary note is from my personal collection.
-Heart by Hannahnade
-Forever in my heart wordart by Misty Cato (feebie)
-Raindrops ppr. from In The Rain kit by Scoubidoo
-Yellow butterfly by ON Designs(retired)
-Font: Times New Roman 6676

Monday, January 18, 2010

Art Journal Cover

I don't know how I forgot to post the cover to my art journal...
Everything in the cover page made with Tangie Baxter's and Amanda Sexton's Art Journal Caravan {Expedition 2010} except as noted below:
-Orange Paper: (I basically overlayed the paper onto of another bg. ppr. and used a mask to mask out the hairband to make it stand out more and to enable me to decorate it)
Painterly Art Journal Backgronds By Maya
-Blue and Pink flowers upon the woman's hat in the bg. ppr., green foliage and net:
Resolutions Kit & Word Art By Phuong
-Dragon coin from Ticket To Dragon's End A Storybook Kit (Everything Is In It!) By Lorie Davison
-Red, yellow flowers with green and blue foliage, pink butterfly from the Archive Collection by Lorie Davison
-Binder clip and tape: The Essential: Fasteners by MissVivi
-Carnet de Voyage tag by MissVivi from Impression of Travel by the Studiogirls
-American coins by Honey Designs
-Letzenbuerg coins from MorningNews-collab-Bellisae&Magdesigns 6


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Art Journal Page: Persist

I did this page for the Art Journal Caravan, by Tangie Baxter, at Scrapbookgraphics. It is a year long art journaling challenge. Proceed to the end of this post for more information about the challenge.
--Dandelions photo taken on 4-29-2009
--Poppy bouquet, word card, grecian lady, stamps, paint and sequins from Art Journal Caravan Provisions {Parcel 01} By Tangie Baxter @ SBG

--Orange bg. ppr. is a blend of papers 5 and 7 from Altered Inspired mini kit by Phuong Ton
Orange bg. ppr. was blended (linear light blend mode)
Blue painted 12x12 border (originally white) \(exclusion blend mode applied)
Floral sprig (long pink flower on the left side near the dandelions)

--Green leaves, ribbon flower (top right corner), lavender from Resolutions kit by Phuong Ton

--Little Old alpha from Blooming Sweethearts In The Garden Elements By Lorie

--Jesterbird by gwd


Your $29.95 "Travel Package" Includes:
*Exclusive "Navigation Guide" to Art Journaling in .PDF format Written by Tangie Baxter & Amanda Sexton ($9.95 value)
*Exclusive Digital, Colossal Starter Kit "Steamer Trunk" ($9.95 Value)
*Three Exclusive Printable Collage Sheets ($8.85 Value)
*$10 Coupon to Studio Tangie Purveyor of Fine Art Journal Supplies
*Lifetime Access to the 2010 Caravan Member Only Forums at
*Lifetime Access to the 2010 Passport Gallery for Caravan Creations
*Exclusive "Art Journal Caravan 2010" Blog Wear Button

As a bonus you will also receive:
*Travel Ticket Vouchers for 50% Off each of the 52 Art Journal Caravan Kits (optional purchase, these kits do NOT have to be purchased to participate)
*A Weekly In-Depth Itinerary given to you each Friday, in our Art Journal Caravan Forums, including Some of the Following:

* An "Art Journal Caravan" exclusive challenge
* Art Journal Prompts, Ideas and Inspiration
* Exclusive Ephemera or Collage Sheets
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* Inspiring Quotes
* Book Recommendations
* Art Journal Samples
* Interviews
* Tutorials
* Caravan Member Only Coupons
* Encouragement and Support on Your Journey

Fine Print: Program is planned to run a full 52 weeks. The $29.95 Reservation/Caravan fee includes the digital items listed in the "Travel Package" portion and is delivered to you upon payment and verification of your forum access. Everything else should be considered a bonus and may not be available for all 52 weeks due to unforeseen circumstances. Lifetime refers to the lifetime of, as long as the site/boards are open you will have access to the 2010 Caravan forum. Your purchase of this product is your agreement to these terms and conditions.

Program can be started at any point in the year, you will have access to ALL the activities and weekly projects no matter when you join , it's designed so that you can jump in at ANY time.

For even more information visit the Art Journal Caravan Blog

To purchase, click on this link:

Friday, January 15, 2010

Carissima Niki Burgalassi,

Carissima Niki,

Immaginate la mia sorpresa, l'altro giorno quando sono andato a prendere il mio posto ed ha trovato una lettera di Italia in attesa del mio box!

Ho subito aperto la lettera e fu accolto da Le più belle foto di famiglia che, subito scaldato il cuore e ha portato un enorme sorriso sul mio volto.

Sono contento che avete inserito il vostro indirizzo questa volta così ora posso inviare una scheda o una lettera ...La ringrazio per la carta meravigliosa e per tenersi in contatto.

Dearest Niki,
Imagine my surprise the other day when I went to get my post and found a letter from Italy waiting in my box! I quickly opened the letter and was greeted by the most beautiful family photos that immediately warmed my heart and brought a huge smile to my face. I am glad that you included your address this time so I can now send you a card or letter... Thank you for the wonderful card and for keeping in touch. Hugs, Kait

Dear Angelica

Dear Angelica,

I am sorry that I didn't reply to you sooner, but I am very forgetful. If you don't believe me, ask my husband. :) Sometimes I think that I'd loose my head if it weren't attached.

I am sorry to hear that your cancer treament is taking a toll on you. I so wish it weren't so.

I read your post the other day and am in love with the gingerbread house that you decorated. The photos are wonderful! Thank you for sharing it with the world.

Wishing you lots of health in this new year.


Dear Evelyn

Dearest Sister,

What a wonderful surprise it was to get your letter in yesterday's. Thank you so much for the picture. Kayla is so pretty and looks so mature!

I've been thinking about you. Mom's death anniversary is next month. I need to get a scanner to scan photos of her to send to you. My scanner is very grainy so I don't want to spend time scanning photos that will be of little use to you.

Kevyn's birthday is around the corner...give him a hug and kiss for me.

XoXo, Big Sister.

Snow Day / Frosty Wings by Alana

Kay playing in the snow after our first winter storm of 2009/2010
Frosty Wings [full kit] by Alana @ Scrapbookgraphics


Engrossed in a Book / Don't Eat Worms

I love how Liam was so engrossed in reading his book that he was oblivious to everything else. I wanted to convey that sense in my page thus the reason I used a transparency, yet kept his hands and book quite visible. I wanted it to look as if the imaginary world was emerging from his readings...and he'd be looking down at it.

My DS engrossed reading his CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS book. He's got quite an imagination!
Credits: Don't Eat Worms World Kit (With Everything In It!) By Lorie

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Impressions of Kindness Quickpages

If you liked this page I made of Kaylie and would like to purchase it for yourself, you may do so HERE. For $3.96 (on sale) you can buy yourself 6 coordinated pages made with the Impressions of Kindness collection by the Studiogirls @ Scrapbookgraphics.
Sure, you could buy the kit but you'll spend hours on your computer creating the pages. If you want a quick way to show off your pictures, the quickpages are the way to go. 6416

Project 365

Project 365 Double Page Templates By Jen
This set of templates is exactly what you need to scrap your photos every day. Included are 12 Shutterfly ready double-page templates. (24"x12"). At the end of the year, simply upload all of your completed layouts to Shutterfly to print them all into a book! I kept all of the live content away from the edges and gutter so you don't need to worry about anything in order to get them printed (a few layouts have photos that extend into the gutter bleed).

ACTION: 365 Blog By Wendy
Participating in Project 365? Save time posting them on your blog or in your galleries by using this fun action. It lets you place 7 images up on one sheet. You control the cropping and size of each image placed. And, add your own caption.
click to enlarge.

Project 365 Jumpers By Crystal
These templates by Crystal are wonderful! You can use a different one for each week or use the same template for the first 2 weeks. You can flip your first week's template so that you have a coordinated 2-pager. For the 3rd and 4th weeks, rotate the template so that the pictures are either at the top or at the bottom, which ever way you prefer, flip the page and you are set for weeks 3 and 4. The pages can be as simple or as complicated as you like. That's the beauty of templates...

Make-It McEasy - Project 365 By Maya

Everyday 365 Week Ribbons By Baersgarten

Everyday 365 Patterned Papers 1 By Baersgarten (18 high quality patterned papers for $2.50)

Everyday 365 Solid Papers By Baersgarten (33 foundation papers for $2.50 (on sale now!)
Solid papers in just about all the colors you need. And you can always recolor your paper for added versatility.

Everyday 365 Calendar Flair By Baersgarten

Everyday 365 Alphas By Baersgarten (You get 5 alphas for $1.50!)

365: International Edition {Bundle} By Mgl

365: International Edition is a mostly neutral, versatile and huge kit, with brightly coloured accents, aimed not only for english speaking scrappers, but also for czech, dutch, french, indonesian, italian, polish, portuguese and spanish speaking scrappers! Yes, available in all 10 languages, perfect for Project 365 and for any other LOs where you might need dates or neutral tones. (SEE BELOW FOR THE LINK TO THE STORE)
365: International Edition 2 by MGL @ SBG.

Are any of you doing the photo a day project, a/k/a P365?

I will attempt to do it again this year and hopefully nothing will happen to deter me along the way. Lucky for me, I have a good idea of what it entails and have a better grasp of what it takes to get it done.

One thing I learned is that taking the photo is half the battle. The other half is editing it, reducing it for the blog, journaling it and posting it. Do it each day so you have your journaling fresh in your head and the task doesn't seem as daunting.

Having the right supplies also helps to speed along the process. These are some of the supplies that I will be using to help keep me on track with the project. Hillary Hildelberg also has templates for the months of January, Feb., March and April.

How about you? What tricks do you have up your sleeve to help you tackle this project?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Impression of Kindness / Kaylie

Impressions of Kindness by the StudioGirls @ Scrapbookgraphics Tied Clear Acrylic Alpha By Birgit Kerr @ Scrapbookgraphics


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