Friday, October 31, 2008

Good News, Halloween Treat Bags, Mismatch Day & Freebies

Hamming it up for the camera!

Hello Friends,

What do you think of the new song on my blog? It is titled "The Seeds of Love" by one of my most favorite singers: LOREENA McKENNIT. You will either love her to pieces or hate her. I love her; my husband hates her music. What does he know anyway? :) Lie to me please! Do tell me you love her, too.

GOOD NEWS: I went to the doctor last week for my diabetes treatment because my glucose levels are very high. The good news is that I have been on several medications for a week now and my glucose level this morning was 132! Obviously, I wish I didn't have to take medications to bring it down but at this point I am happy that it can be controled. Most people don't know that they have Diabetes. I have to be vigilant because I had Gestational Diabetes when I was pregnant with Liam. My mother (God bless her soul and may she rest in peace, Amen!) had diabetes. Her mother before her had it, too. So it stands to reason that I inherited it. I am hoping that with a strict diet and exercise, I will be able to cut down on the medications. But until that day, I will shut up and put up with the 3 medications. Evelyn, if you are reading this, be sure to get your doctor to test you. I hope to God that you don't have it or get it, but one can never be too complacent.

TREAT BAGS: I made the cutest treat popcorn treat bags for Kaylie's class. I used Lorie Davison's EEKY FREAKY Collection at Scrapbook-Graphics. The dangling spider is F A B U L O U S!

MISMATCH DAY: Yesterday was Mismatch Day in Kaylie's and Liam's school. It is part of their Spirit Week/Say No To Drugs Week. Liam wanted no part of it. He didn't want to wear mismatched clothes. Kaylie, on the other hand, was super excited about it. She wore a yellow shirt with bright orange flowers and a white/blue/gree patterned skort. Her favorite part was picking the tights. I had recently bought her a pink hose with multiple stripes with red, orange, hot pink, green, white, blue and black colors. Her hair bands were white and blue and her sneakers grey, white and pink. Her final accessory was a pair of hot pink glasses. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Scrapbook page to follow in the next day or two.

Andrea has a "witchy" template just for you.
Bethany has a Sweet Tooth wordart, perfect for those Halloween pictures you will be taking today.
Christina Renee has a fabulous SHADOW DANCE sampler on her blog.
Flerg's has a sampler waiting for you. Knock on the door to get your treat. If you stop long enough to read, you'll find another link to another blog where you can get another piece.
Franziska has a gift for you. Knock on her door to receive it. :)
Lettering Delights has a super cute free alpha that you can pick up HERE.
Kristin has a Halloween mini kit sure to please you. Check out her sale while there.
Schaarka has a calendar available on her blog.
I have to go now to take the kids to school. I have a doctor's appt. at 10 and have to go to school today to help out in Liam's class. See you later on tonight!


Thursday, October 30, 2008


Boyerville has a lovely Vintage Pop sampler available on her blog.
Chantal has some cute boxed Halloween words just in time for your Halloween pages.
ChristinaRenee is featuring Tangie Baxter, who has a frame and a beautiful vintage sampler.
Helley has a super cute CLOSER TO YOU sampler in blues and browns.
Little Dreamer Designs has an alpha on their blog.
KimB has a doodly frame cluster in blues and greens...really cute.
Kristin has a FALL ALPHA perfectly suited for all of your Autumn pages.
Mrs.Wresh has a freebie template in honor of DSD
ShabbyMissJen has a fabulous addon, GRANDMA'S SCRAPBOOKS.
TraciReed has some cute clustered frames on her blog.

In other news,
LITTLE DREAMER DESIGNS is looking for creative team members.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Snowing!

Oh goodness gracious, the temperature here in N.J. has been cold and windy. I just looked out my window and it is snowing! You can tell we are ready for it...the hammock, the grill, the mums are all still out in the backyard. Yes, we are ready for winter!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm a Gluton for Punishment

Kaylie took this pict. of us. :)

Brown Bear climbing tree.


Giraffe suckling. They were out in droves! The licked my car to their hearts' content. They were right in front of me when this little girafe came over to feed.

What a beautiful scenic view...North American Bisons

African Elephant. Did you know that their ears resemble the shape of the continent of Africa?
Asian Elephants are smaller and so are their ears.

White Rhinos

I must be...why would I take the kids once more to Great Adventure? Because they enjoy it...that's why. And one more week to go before they close the season.
They wanted to stay until after 6pm so they could watch the Deadman's Party. Liam was complaining that he couldn't see. Then when the music began, he got scared. He covered his ears and started crying, while hiding his face and leaning against me. I only saw half the show. I couldn't very well stay there with him crying and carrying on. He knows it is not real, but still he is only 6. There'll be other shows and there's always next year.



Page #9 of travel album I am making documenting our trips to the safari this summer.

Watusi, or Red Ankoli Cattle, are from Africa, and are named for their coat, which combines white patches with various shades of red.Ankoli-Watusi cattle are a breed of cattle native to Africa. They have very large, distinctive horns similar to a Texas Longhorn. They are sometimes known as Ankole or Watusi. Like many cattle, they are the descendents of the Aurochs who became extinct in the 17th century. Watusi are native to Africa and, for over 6000 years, have played a pivotal role in the lives of various African tribes - Tutsi, Ankole, Bahima, Bashi, Kigezi, and the Kivu - although the Tutsi are most often associated with the breed. The cattle provided food, currency, and tribal status. In Rwanda, where the Tutsi ruled, Watusi were known as "Insanga" or "the ones which were found" and "Inyambo" or "the cows with long, long horns." Those with the largest and longest horns belonged to the King and were considered sacred, with some individuals having horns that measure twelve feet from tip to tip. The breed is often referred to as the 'Cattle of Kings'.Their digestive systems have the ability to utilize poor quality and limited quantities of food and water. These survival abilities have allowed them as a breed to not only survive the centuries in Africa but to become established on the continents of Europe, South America, Australia and North America.The animals' large horns are honeycombed with blood vessels, and are used to thermo-regulate in hot temperatures. Blood moving through the horns is cooled by moving air, and then flows back into the body and lowers the animal's body temperature.

It's About Time and Flying Disk Alpha by Lorie Davison @ SBG
Rough to the Touch with Everything In It by Lorie Davison @ SBG
Font: Antique Type


Friday, October 24, 2008

Get Her Some Nail polish Already, Please!

Kaylie has been dying to wear nail polish for a year now. Since I won't let her wear real nail polish, she has taken to coloring her nails with crayons, markers or coloring pencils. She came home from school yesterday wearing blue "nail polish." She scores points for creativity and ingenuity. :)


A Walk by the Lake

My view of the lake.

The Blue Heron that resides in said lake. (Frame by Lorie Davison @ SBG)

Proof and copy right action by Wendyzine Scraps @ SBG.

As I was walking along the lake, there were these clusters of pods with seedlings flying all about. I was captivated by their gentle and quiet beauty.

Today I had an appointment with the Diabetes doctor. My sugars were very high this morning. He did an ekg, gave me 4 prescriptions and 2 shots. I go back for further testing within 1 week and to see him in 3 weeks. My prescriptions cost me $120.00 and that is just my copay.


A Few Freebies

Fall-o-ween add on by
Aggie has a cute template which has a spot for 12 tiny picts. and lots of journaling.
Christie has a multi-photo template.
Digital Candy has a sampler that you can download to participate in the challenge #25.
Traci Reed has a template on her ct blog.
Ilona has a cute sampler of her PURE GIRL kit.
Fry Box template by Jaime Ward
KimB has some cute quickpages on her blog.
Classic typewriter alpha by One of a Kind Design Studio.
Choukette has a lovely QP.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Sketch Artist

Click to enlarge.

The other day when I was cleaning I came across this sketch. Kaylie wrote the dialogue and sketched it. It depicts Liam picking his nose. He does is quite often, much to my chagrin. I have tried to reason with him about his behavior but it goes in one ear and out the other. He was quite mad at Kaylie. Anyway, here it is. She is good.

Just the Facts

It has been very cold and windy these last few days. Today's temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit; yesterday was about the same.

Kaylie finally learned to tie her shoes! We have been trying and trying for the last few weeks and she couldn't do it. Yesterday, I heard her scream in delight,


-"What did you do, Kaylie? "

-"I tied my shoes."

-"That's wonderful, dear. I am so proud of you!"

Then she went on to demonstrate her newly acquired skills.

Yes, I got pictures. :)

When Daddy got home, she was so excited to tell him what she could do. Then she ran to get a shoe to show him how she did it. So cute!

-I went to the ophtalmologist yesterday. No change in my eyesight pressure but have the beginnings of cataract in one eye, though it is not interfering with my sight. Need to continue going to the dr. every 3 months

-Had the mammogram done today. I wonder why it took me many years to go back for an exam? Oh yes, I remember now. The squeezing of the breast while holding your breath experience is an event that needs to be done every few allow you time to forget it and move on.

3 appointments down and 5 more to go. On Friday I have to go to the family doctor. I am not looking forward to going there. But I can't control my blood sugars with diet alone, so it must be done. I hate taking pills, I hate shots, I hate going to doctors...

Moving on...Today is picture day at the kids' school. I don't know why I bother having their pictures taken because I am never satisfied with them.

After I left Larchmont Imaging, I went shopping. Liam needs a new winter coat and Kaylie needs shoes. I got Liam his coat but couldn't find any cute shoes for him.

As I was browsing, and wondering why all the Christmas stuff is already out on display, I came across a party dress. It was love at first sight. The bodice is black, it has a red bow and polka dot skirt. What did me in was the fact that it came with a matching dress for her doll. And it was on sale. :) I also bought her so matching hair bands, funky tights, sneakers and boots. (all on sale!) The boots I wanted for Liam didn't come in wide so I couldnt't get them. I hate when I have the time and patience to shop and can't find what I want.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Favorite Tree

click to enlarge
Kaylie and Liam playing on their favorite tree at the Rancocas Creek.

Flitting Fall Faeries Collection with Everything on It by Lorie Davison @ SBG
Font: Cinderella ITC
Tiny Bubble Alpha by Vera Lim @ SBG

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Great Adventure/Safari Trip (15 photos)

Dead Men's Zone
Witch Hazel with a Chameleon
Professor T. Slithers, host of Creepy Crawlers show (educational show with live animals)
Barbary Sheep

Mandevilla Sanderi
Red Ankoli
White-Tailed Gnu
Waterbuck? Elk?
Isn't this a gorgeous bird? I need to fint out its name before I scrap it. Have you seen it before?
White Rhinoceros
Grant's Zebra

I used a WATERMARK action by Wendyzine at Scrapbook-Graphics to mark my photos.

We have been to Great Adventure so many times this summer I can't even remember what trip number this is. These last 2 times that we have gone to the Wild Safari have been great as the animals have been crossing the road and getting near our car thus giving us a chance to see them up close and personal. I avoided the Ostrich though he came awfully close to us...within pecking distance. The giraffes were all out, as were the zebras. We really got a good look at the Red Ankolis and the Gnus. The black bears and the brown bears were all napping though I got a shot of a mother in her den, not a good shot mind you, a so-so one. Shooting pictures through the window is not good. I need a bigger zoom lens, too. My poor Canon Powershop is doing its best, but its 12x zoom is not far enough. I shouldn't complain. It has served me well during these last 3 years. I should start saving my pennies to buy a better camera next year.
I hope you enjoy the picts. :)



Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday...

to me. Yay! How does it feel to be 42 you ask? The same as when I turned 30, except now I have a lot more sunspots on my face and the boobs are getting closer and closer to the belly button. I know, more than you wanted to know but...

I plan on spending my birthday cleaning the house. I am up to my elbows in clorox and pine oil because I am scrubbing down the kitchen floor and bathrooms. Yay, so much fun.

Anyway, got to go...DH is home and I need to get this done ASAP.
Have a wonderful day.
K (1950)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Birthday Party

I took the kids to Kaylie's friend's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. We were there for close to 3 hours. Liam had a blast playing video games. Kaylie spent all of her time playing with her friend. A fun day for all.


My "Bucket" List

click to enlarge.

The Bucket List is a movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman where they play two men with cancer who decide to make a list of the things they’d like to do before they die (or, "kick the bucket," as it were).

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a fascination for all things related to Egypt. Though my dream of becoming an archaelogist never materialized, I know that one day I will finally visit egypt to see all the monuments, temples, monasteries and mummies I have read about for years in school book and in the National Geographic magazines. I especially would love to see:
The Sphynx
The Pyramids of Giza
The Karnak Temple
The Valley of the
The Egyptian Museum
The Pharaonic Village
St. Catherine
Luxor Temple

Frame, Staple and ribbon from Autumn Glory Coll. kit by Birgit Kerr and Flergs
Bg. ppr. from World Traveler - The Papers by Birgit Kerr
Itty Bitty Paper Circles Alpha by Birgit Kerr
Sand overlay from By The Sea kit by Phuong Ton
Worn overlay by Something Blue Studio
Journaling helpers(arrows and doodled circle) by Suzanne C. Walker @ DSP
Map of Africa from Prentice Hall World Studies/Foundations of Geography, scanned by Ramona Vaughn
Fonts: Old Egypt Glyphs, Century 1929


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