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Christmas 2008, Page 2

I couldn't resist decorating the room and the tree!

Holly and Ivy by Rebecca McMeen

-Doll from Prairie Gal Collection kit by Lorie Davison
-Red, blue and green boxes from Jungleland kit by Em-ka Designs
-Brown gift box by Jofia Designs; Red and green gift boxes s from Xmas Set by friendly Scraps
-Century Gothic Font


Christmas 2008, Page 1

Holly & Ivy By Rebecca Mcmeen
Basic Buds Vol3 By Buttercup

Font: Century Gothic
[note: Modifications were made to the bg. ppr. and to the angel.]  11511


Summer: Picking Strawberries

Liam’s Kindergarten class trip went to Johnston’s Corner Farm on a field trip. They rode on a wagon to the fields to pick produce. Upon their return from the fields, they ate their lunch, went to the petting zoo and came home with potted squash and beans ready to be planted in the garden. He also brought a bag full of radishes and strawberries. June 3rd, 2008

Berrylicious: THE KIT With Rosey Posey By Flergs

Strawberry Tagbook No. 16 By The Lab
Font: Century Gothic
Staple by ON Designs  11511


Sweetie Pie

I’ve always loved these photos of you as a little girl. You are barely six years old but I can see your sparkling personality shine through. You are sweet, kind and so loving...I can’t ask for a better daughter.
Berrylicious: THE KIT With Rosey Posey By Flergs

Basic Buds Vol3 By Buttercup (CFrancois)

Fonts: SP Holy Guacamole, LD Dear Diary


Christmas Decor

Christmas Decorations...
One of Kaylie’s favorite things about Christmas is putting up the decorations.
While I am busy decorating the tree, she is busy decorating herself!
She likes the twinkling lights and holly leaves trim, which she quickly fashions into headbands.
The ornaments become fashion accessories such as dangling earrings , bracelets and necklaces.
She then walks around the room as if she were a model on a fashion runway.

Holiday Harmony Collab With True Blue By Lisa/Studio Gypsy


Where Dreams Come True (Disney LO 17)

Another page for my Disney album.
Booklet No. 1 - Encore By The Lab
Away We Go Alpha By Baersgarten
Away We Go: Write It Down! By Baersgarten
Travel Around the World 2 - Page Kit By Manuela Zimmerman
Travel Around the World page kit by Manuela Zimmerman
Staple, paperclip and tape: The Essential:Fasteners by MissVivi
Ribbons: The Essential: Ribbons by MissVivi
From my personal stash: Yellow Hotel Tags and Disney card.
Myriad Pro font


Winter: Junco

The minute it starts snowing, the Juncos and the Cardinals start making their rounds looking for food. I always make sure I have enough seeds to feed them all winter long.

Snowfall By Rosey Posey

Autumn Splendor Template Collab By True Blue and Studio Buttercup
Font: Myriad Pro  11511


Comfort of Home

The comforts of home...
Impressions of Comfort at Home by the Studio Girls Collective
Clustered 1-4 by the Lab (template)

Confessions of a Digi-scrapper by Dawn Inskip (computer graphic)

Myriad Pro (font)  11511


Mission: Space (Disney LO #16)

Ju Kneipp's I Wish...Play
Buttercup Design's Simple Buds Vol 1
Century Gothic (font)

You're Special

--Blueprints: Set 1_4 By True Blue (Jenn Hasted)
--Cosmopolitan Date Strips by Maya
--Black stitching: Impossible Things Collab W/ Rebecca McMeen by Tangie Baxter
--My Fairy Friends 4 by Tangie Baxter
--Black bird: 4 and Twenty Black Birds by Tangie Baxter
--You are special wordart: Punched Sentiments by Dawn Inskip
--Loving word strip: Explain It by Tangie Baxter
--Red string - NeeNee
--Monospace Typewriter (font) 11511


Winter: Snow

My DD playing in the snow during our 2010 blizzard where we got over 3 feet of snow.

Basic Buds Vol2 By Buttercup Designs

Alpha from Softly Spooky Kit By Dawn Inskip

Note: Alpha was recolored to suit my page.
Snowfall kit By Rosey Posey

Cosmopolitan Date Strips By Maya

Note: The date strip was recolored to suit my page. I also cut and cloned the year, which is not part of the strip)
Drifting Snow Dreams Rustic Elements By Lorie Davison

Autumn: Sunlit Dreams

It was a sunlit afternoon
the little boy sat on the lawn
watching the leaves swirl around.
They called to him,
“come here, play with us.”
So he did.

Blueprints: Set 4 By True Blue

The Poet's Keepsakes (With Everything In It!) By Lorie Davison

--Jane Austen Font
Prairie Gal Collection kit by Lorie Davison here @ SBG


Halloween 2010 - Kaylie

My wholesome daughter wanted to be a skeleton bride this year. She loves the makeup and gore.
Blueprints: Set 5 By True Blue

Everyday 365 October Kit By Baersgarten


M is for Mom - Memorial Page

I made this page for my Mom's memorial album. She was born in the month of May...
Studio Baers Garten's Everyday 365 Collection

Studio True Blue's Blueprints Set 5


Summer: Wave Pool

Kaylie, Liam and a friend at Hurricane Harbor.
Studio Baers Garten's Everyday 365 Collection
Studio True Blue's Blueprints Set 5

First Day of Fourth Grade

My daughter's first day of school. She is now starting the 4th grade...how time flies!

Studio Baersgarten's Everyday 365 August kit

Studio True Blue's Blueprints Set 5


A Perfect Autumn Day - Memorial Page

It was a sunny and breezy day, ideal weather for a walk. Mom came to visit so we took the kids to the creek and Smithville Park. The trees looked so beautiful with their green, brown, gold, yellow, rusty leaves. Nov. 2, 2005

Apple Time by Natali Designs
Tagbook No. 11 - Leaves By The Lab
Font: Myriad Pro


Wonderful Winter

The weather this year has been crazy. It seems that every time we turn around, it is snowing. The kids love it, though, especially Kaylie. She loves the cold weather, and tries to spend as much time as possible outside. Liam is not crazy about the cold, but she always manages to convince him into going with her. Snow angels, shoveling and forts were the order of the day.

Font: Book Antiqua
Blueprints: Set 4 by True Blue
The-Essential-Ribbons.html]The Essential: Ribbons by MissVivi
Feathers and Mittens by Lorie Davison
Font: Book Antiqua  11509


Dinosaurs / Boneyard (Disney LO #14&15)

**   A highlight from our Animal Kingdom trip was a visit to the Boneyard. Kaylie and Emanuel dug right in!

Primeval By Dawn Inskip
Above And Beyond (Template 3) By Dawn Inskip
Fonts: Verdana, Distress

The Boneyard is a dinosaur playground in the DinoLand U.S.A. area in Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park.

PreFabs 29-32 By The Lab @ SBG
Primeval kit by Dawn Inskip
Font: Myriad Pro  11510

Costumes: 2005-2010

My little man certainly has his own ideas for what he chooses as his Halloween costume. He seems to be drawn to the more honorable professions such as doctor, fireman, police officers, etc. though this year he kept it lighthearted and chose to be Mario, thus bucking his 4-year trend. October 25, 2010

--Let’s Play Dress Up By Dawn Inskip
--Above and Beyond (Template 4) by Dawn Inskip 

--“Memories” and “Captured” and stapled labels from Confessions of a Digi-Scrapper by Dawn Inskip
--Century Gothic Font 


Buzz Lightyear (Disney LO #13)

A page for my Disney World vacation album.
--Charlize Creations and Flergs Collab Robotrix
--Myriad Pro (font)
--Template by Dutchie (retired)  11509


You Are So Beautiful To Me

--Scraps-by-Number-Just-Call-Me-Alli by Stolen Moments
--Beautiful-on-the-Inside-Bundle by Stolen Moments
--You Are So Very Beautiful wordart by TaylorMade
--Font: Trebuchet MS  11509


For his 8th birthday, Liam wanted a LEGO CREATOR: SUPER SPEEDSTER kit. The kit has 3 different models that he can build. It has a ton of tiny parts that have to be meticulously sorted and put together. Liam does not mind having to read the manual to be able to put the different models together. June 12, 2010

Bits & Bots {Collab Kit} By Stolen Moments; Retro Clear Alpha by Stolen Moments; Scraps By Number: Just Call Me Sara By Stolen Moments
Trebuchet MS (font)  11509

I Got to Have My Caffeine Fix (Disney LO #12)

A page for my Disney World vacation album. This one documents missing my Colombian coffee and having to settle for the stuff they pass as coffee at Disney.

--Charlize Creations’ Now Brewing Bundle;
--Tape Alpha: ORANGE By Flergs;
--Bouncy Blossoms by Lisa/Studio Gypsy) (glitter under coffee cup);
--Photo: Classic Thirst by Amy Pearson;
--Tape It Up by Ronna Penner (taped note);
--wave border by Mimilou
--SP Emily Faith and Myriad Pro (fonts)  11509


Laundry Day

Kit: Happy Laundry Day by Charlize Creations
Template (altered) by Chrystal Livesay.
Font: Century Gothic
Laundry Basket: fairysdestiny-world of children
CU Texture Brush Set 3 *ABR file ONLY* by Amanda Rockwell
Tape Alpha: ORANGE By Flergs @ Scrapbookgraphics
(All available at Scrapbookgraphics-link to shop on the right side of the blog.) 11509

Disney Vacation (Disney LO #11)

All summer long I had been hard at work planning our trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Day in and day out you saw me sitting at the computer researching and compiling information about the attractions, entertainment, hotels, and restaurants. I told you that I was doing this research as a favor to Maria because she was going to Disney World and didn’t have time to do her own research, which was partially true.

I desperately wanted to tell you, but decided against it because you would be too wound up all summer long, and wouldn’t be able to sleep or eat as the vacation date grew closer.

I had to sneak around to get things done without rousing your suspicion, but it worked!

You were both incredulous when, an hour before we had to leave for the airport, we told you that you were both going with me on a DISNEY VACATION! Liam had a huge grin on his face; Kaylie was really emotional so she cried.

Credits: Scraps-by-Number-Just-Call-Me-Alli by Stolen Moments @ ScrapMatters; Beautiful-on-the-Inside-Bundle by Stolen Moments @ ScrapMatters.  11509

Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney LO #10)

Another page for my Disney World vacation album. The kids and I loved the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. It was so cool going through the town that was being ravaged by the pirates. Trying to spot Jack in the various hiding spots was fun, too.

The Jack Sparrow photo is available at the Disney World website as a free wallpaper download.

Tagbook No. 9 - Skull By The Lab @ SBG
Haunting Pirates By Ztampf here @ SBG
Tape Alpha: Orange by Flergs

Tower of Terror (Disney Layouts 7, 8 and 9

*The Twighlight Zone  Ghosts at the Tower of Terror

Text along pathway leading to the elevator entrance where ghosts are waiting to hunt you: "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Walt Disney World, Orlando. This is a terrific, scary ride based on a 1939 incident where 5 people were transported into the Twilight Zone when the elevator that they were riding was hit by lightning. These are the ghosts that inhabit it now. Sept.15-Sept. 20, 2010."

--Impressions of Fright (with free quick pages) by the Studio Collective @ SBG
Font: Book Antiqua

 **Tower of Terror: Facing Your Fear

This is a picture from Disney's Hollywood Studios The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction. On the way up the tower, the elevator stops at one of the floors and the doors open to reveal a corridor populated by the ghostly occupants from 1939 in the above photo, who then disappear.
The corridor fades to a starlit night sky, except the window at the end of the corridor. The window then morphs into a more ghostly black-and-white version and shatters like in the opening segment of each episode.

Kaylie, Emanuel and I went on this attraction, while Liam and Elizabeth stayed behind. Kaylie and Emanuel were eager to ride it until we boarded the elevator, the room blacked out and the twilight zone theme started playing on the overhead TV. As we walked towards the entrance to the elevator/ride, Emanuel kept saying that he was scared and wanted to back out, but I wouldn’t let him. Every time he saw an exit sign his eyes would light up After the ride was over, Emanuel claimed that he hadn’t been scared. Kaylie, on the other hand, was in tears. She absolutely hated the drops!

--Font: Antique font
--Stitches: CF-OUAT_Redju_TheStitches @ SBG
--Impressions of Fright (with free quick pages) by the Studio Collective
--Glass Plate Negatives 2, Tattered By Christina Renee @ SBG
--Tape It Up by Ronna Penner

Delightfully Frightful
**Here we are in front of the Hollywood Tower of Terror. We hear that it is a thrilling and scary ride. Kaylie, Emanuel and I want to ride it, but Liam and Elizabeth do not. Apparently, Liam is not keen on the idea of getting inside a “malfunctioning” elevator or being in the presence of ghosts.

--Ribbons (recolored) - The Essential : Ribbons By MissVivi
  (Staples and stitching were recolored)
--The Essential : Fasteners By MissVivi
--Taped note: Tape It Up! By Ronna Penner
--Studio Tangie Fonts: The Director {CU OK} By Tangie Baxter
--Impressions of Fright (with free quick pages) by the Studio Collective
--Blood Puddle (actually a recolored honey puddle)
---Baby Bee Garden (With Everything In It!) By Lorie Davison
--Font: Typodermic  11509

Monkey / Gorilla / Animal Kingdom (Disney LO 5&6)

On our way to Africa, we came across a Discovery Kid Club station with a ranger who helps kids learn about nature and animals. Kaylie and Liam got a pin and a stamp on their Discovery Kid passport.
The ranger asked Kaylie and Liam to look at the bouncing animals in a nearby exhibit and asked them if they knew the difference between a monkey and a gorilla. They learned that monkeys have tails, but gorillas do not.
--Fonts: Century Gothic, Pea Jessi, Markers Felt Wide, and Old English Text
--Way Out Wild by MissVivi's @ SBG
Harlequin pattern stamp on left side, Butterfly, and green and brown buttons
--Backyard Safari by Studio Rosey Posey @ SBG
--PreFab Templates 25-28 By The Lab @ SBG

--PreFab Templates 25-28 By The Lab @ SBG
 --Way Out Wild by MissVivi's @ SBG


Cinderella's Castle (Disney LO #4)

Cinderella's Castle photo from my trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

--Snow Drop kit by Rosey Posey @ SBG
--Booklet No. 04 With Free QP By The Lab
--Pure Magic label and earsbrads by Sahlin Studio
--MickeyMouseEars Buttons by BrittDesigns
--Pink Stitching by Nanine.
--Century Gothic Font  11508

Halloween: Littlest and Cutest Pumpkin

Need I say more after that title? My son's 2003 Halloween Day pict.
Pumpkin Tagbook - No. 10 By The Lab
Fright Night by Kaye Winiecki & Studio Flergs @ SBG
Font: Century Gothic and Impactlabel
Halloween WA (2009) by Bethany (free)
Trick or Treat ribbon and stitching from Phuong Ton's Spooky kit
"Too Cute to Spook" flair by Gunhilde Storeide  11508

Halloween: Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel @ Six Flags Great Adventure's Professor Slither's Creepy Critters


Snow White at Akershus (Disney LO #3)

Layout done for Lorie Davison's blog play day over at Scrapbookgraphics.
A page for my Disney vacation. 

Ticket To Dragon's End A Storybook Kit by Lorie Davison @ SBG
(Staple) The Essential : Fasteners By MissVivi
Font: Ville de Geneve ES, AL Playbook  11508

Akershus (Disney LO #2)

A page for my Disney World vacation album.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in the Norway Pavilion in Disneyworld's Epcot in Orlando, Florida.  I was inspired by Iara's "Week 9: Refresh" layout.

Background papers, photo turns and ribbons from Snow Drop Kit by Studio Rosey Posey

Camera, Stitching, Wordart Stamp and postcard from Impressions of Adventure by the Studio Girls Collective

White paper and Alpha from Voices of Color Collection, White Kit by Baers Garten

Norway flag downloaded from the internet. Font: Book Antiqua.  Photo of restaurant from the Disney website.

Thanks for looking! Kait

Akershus (Disney LO #1)

Storybook Template - CF-OUAT: Storybook Template By Wendyzine -

BannerCluster Frame (altered to include additional leaves and flowers) CF-OUAT: Fairy Tale Banners By Veronica

Felt dragon - CF-OUAT: Dragonland By Redju  

Magical Overlay by Flergs - CF-OUAT: Fairytale Overlays By Flergs -

Castle and bg. ppr. - CF-OUAT: Story Book Castle By Lorie Davison

Dragon coin and Floating in the sky island (on the left side of the page) from Ticket To Dragon's End A Storybook Kit by Lorie Davison - http://shop.scrapbookgraphics.com/Ticket-To-Dragon-s-End-A-Storybook-Kit-Everything-is-in-it.html

Alpha from Voices of Color Collection, White Kit by Baers Garten - http://shop.scrapbookgraphics.com/The-voices-of-color-White-Kit.html

Butter cream/Yellow bg. ppr. from Snow Drop Kit by Studio Rosey Posey - http://shop.scrapbookgraphics.com/Snow-Drop.html

Font: Century Gothic / Norway flag downloaded from the internet


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Disney - Hollywood Studios, Part 1

Click on image to enlarge
I've been really busy and have fallen behind on my photo editing and posting.  So, I decided to work on a small batch for posting.  Who cares if it is well past midnight?! I'll get enough sleep when I die.

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Every Little Bit Counts

Every Little Bit Counts


Monday, November 8, 2010


Scrapbook-Bytes Blog Train
Click on the designers' name to go to their blog to download your gift.

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Scrapbookgraphics Sales and Freebies!

Scrapbookgraphics is having a sale! So, if you've been keeping your eyes open for sales, now is the time to hit the store.  Check out the ads to see if your favorite designer is having a sale...right HERE

Scrapbookgraphics also has about 6 - 7 new studios that have opened recently. 

*The Lab, True Blue and Buttercup Designs are for all of us templates lovers!

Studio True Blue and Studio Buttercup Designs have some free samples in their stores. While there, check out their new designs, which are on sale and are awesome!

Have you seen the collaborative kit that was just released? It is gorgeous and a steal at only $5.00- get it here:  IMPRESSIONS OF COMFORT AT HOME
Want to see some sample pages made with this kit? Head on over to the Scrapboographics blog post HERE.   11258


Freebies Part 2

Here's some more freebies...

Shabby Holiday Blog Train

Free wordart @ WeedsandWildflowers
Memory Scraps has some great freebies... 
Faith True has a cute quickpage for the Queen Bee in your life.
Jenn has a cute November free mini kit @ her blog...
Karla Dudley has some holiday wordart@ her blog.

Happy Scrapbooking Day Freebies!

Happy Digiscrapping Day Everyone!

The good thing about today is that we not only get to celebrate our hobby, but the designers have tons of specials and freebies available.  This is your one day to get that special kit you have been keeping your eye on to go on sale, and also have a chance to discover new designers. 

Most designers and their creative teams have been busy creating new designs and quick pages for your pleasure. So, while downloading their samples, don't forget to look around their blogs and stores - you might find something that you can't live without and at a bargain price, too. It doesn't get better than this!

DigiScrapAddicts Blog Hop

DSA Stop #1 - DSA Forum
1. Paper Planes 

ScrapMatters has a blog train, too

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Val – http://geniabeanascraps.com
Chelle — http://chelles-creations.blogspot.com/
Trixie Scraps – http://blog.trixiescraps.com 

Maria – http://scrapmuss.ru/
Jady Day Studio – http://jadydaystudio.blogspot.com/ 

Happy Scrap Girl – http://happyscrapgirl.blogspot.com/
Jennifer Labre Designs – http://www.confessionsofadigitalscrapper.com/
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Simply J Studio – http://simplyjstudio.blogspot.com
Graham Like the Cracker – http://gltcblog.wyldgrahamcrackers.com/ 

Plum Dumpling Designs – http://plumdumplingdesigns.blogspot.com 
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Creations By Rachael http://www.creationsbyrachaelb.com/wordpress/
Kendall – http://majorscrapitude.blogspot.com/
Lina http://ldragdesigns.blogspot.com/
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 Blog hop at Oscraps

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MScraps Blog {http://mscraps.com/blog}

Enjoy your freebies and don't forget to thank the designers for their hard work! 11249



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