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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Absence due to Illness, Part 1

Hello All,

As you have noticed, I have been absent from the digi-world for a while. It all started 3 weeks ago on Friday.

As usual, Kay wanted to eat Chinese food so I went to the store and got my standard order. Late at night (10:00 p.m.) I was getting ready to turn in for the night when my stomach started gurgling and my mouth got watery.  I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom because I felt nauseated. Sure enough, I started to vomit.

I would feel a bit better after throwing up, but the pain kept getting stronger and stronger.  At 1:00 a.m., after 3 hours of enduring the pain and vomiting, I told my DH that I wanted to go to the hospital. At first I thought that I had food poisoning but then I remember that I had had a similar incident 9 years earlier when I had a bout of kidney stones.

We woke up the kids, got them dressed and DH drove to the hospital. I told him to return home with the kids since there was no use in keeping them in the hospital, and that I would call him as soon as I able.

Hunched over I walked to the emergency room with 2 barf bags ready to go. As I was registering I had to make a mad dash to the bathroom to vomit. I then finished registering, before they move you to the triage area.  As I was answering the nurse's question, I had 2 more vomiting episodes.  The nurse gave me a pill to stop the vomiting, but what do you think happened? Yep, got another vomiting spell and threw the pill back up.

She took me to a room, made me lay down on a stretcher and placed an iv. Then game me medicine to stop the vomiting and gave me morphine to control the severe pain. The morphine gave me a head rush, I felt loopy, over heated and nauseated. Thank god that those feelings soon passed and I felt relief.  

Because it was Friday, the emergency room was packed and the hospital did not have beds available. While in a stretcher in the hallway, I had to wait for a room to open up.  I finally got in a room at about 1:00 p.m.  They placed me in a room with an elderly patient, 96-years of age, hard-of hearing and suffering from dementia.  She was very loud  and vocal. Poor thing wanted to go home and kept asking god to help her.

But I digress, the ct scan disclosed that I indeed had a kidney stone which was midway in the ureter.  Laser surgery was scheduled but the urologist couldn't grab the stone because my ureter was too narrow. Instead, he placed a stent in hopes that the stone would pass on its own; if not, then it would enlarge the ureter  so that he could go in again to grab the stone. Want to see the stent? No, well...too bad, I will show you anyway. :)  More to follow... 19641


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Toot! Love You - GSO at DST

Toot! My page is a gallery standout at DST. (19151)


Fun, Laugh, Play

IO Playtime by the Studio Girls at Scrapbookgraphics - $4.00 until 4/21!


Love You

Layered Templates Bundle 01 By Rosey Posey (19148)
Violet kit by Rosey Posey


The Robin's Nest

Repository 1 & Au Natural Combo By Lisa / Studio Gypsy (19148)



CF-OUAT: Water Babies Bundle By Ztampf (19148)
Graphics Templates By Dawn
Mercurial Trench By Lisa
Water drops overlay by Birgit Kerr (retired)


Easter 2007

Easter PU Grab Bag by SAS Designs @ bits2kits (19148)
(1 full kit, 1 alpha, 1 cluster set and 1 template set for $2.00)


Flowers: I Picked Them Just For You

Vintage Dreams Kit by SAS Designs   (19148)
Basic Buds Vol4 By Buttercup @ SBG


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Innovative Product: Cluster and Shadows

Lorilei, of Studio Rosey Posey over at Scrapbookgraphics, just released a new set of innovative templates that will have you making fabulous clusters in no time at all.   The kit contains 6 cluster templates, shadow styles and a pdf file with tips and tricks.  You can use the cluster templates to make clusters with whatever kit you doesn't get better than that! Have a look at it HERE.


New to Me Designer / Life with You is a Puzzle

I recently became aware of a new designer: SAS DESIGNS. I love her style...she's really got an eye for design and colors.  Her kits are packed with stuff I love such as stitches, buttons, ribbons, flowers and lightly colored textured papers.  19019

Fonts: Folks Bold, James Fajardo
April PU Grab Bag by SAS Designs
(it has 1 kit, 1 alpha, 1 set of styles, 1 pack of templates and 1 pack of element - all for $3.50)


aurora - Disney LO 75

Princess Aurora is a beautiful young girl with wavy golden hair, blue eyes, a willowy, slender, statuesque figure, and rose-pink lips. She usually wears her pink ball gown and tiara.  19019

Sept. 17, 2010, Epcot, Akershus Banquet Hall, Norway Pavilion.

Note: I recolored the stamp from green to tan and the brown mat to red. Also, the girl graphic's hair and dress were recolored to match the photo. I also extracted the crown from the photo and fit it on the graphic.

Bunch Of Loves Bundle By Charlize Creations
Grow with Love Templates by Sarah Gleason
Britannic Bold (font) Century Gothic



Addicted to scrapbooking and photography!

Scraplover Kit By Thaty Borges
Page Templates Vol.02 By Thaty Borges


So Sweet

Page done for Thaty Borges' Playday.  19019
You Can Dream Kit By Thaty Borges
Page Templates Vol.02 By Thaty Borges
The Essential : Ribbons By MissVivi


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Toot! Somerset Digital Studio Publication!

Toot! Toot! I am so excited! I just got my copy of the spring issue of Somerset Digital Studio where I was spotlighted.  They published 4 of my pages!!! It is so thrilling for me to see my work on paper.  Below is the cover of the magazine, as well as a copy of the pages published. :) 18769


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Banana Bread

My DD helping me to bake a banana bread. 18740

Homemade Collection by Baersgarten @ SBG
Font: Myriad


Sweetest Nine

My sweet DD on her 9th birthday.  18740

Cuppycakes Collab With Lauren Reid By Boutique Cute Doll
Funny Alpha By Boutique Cute Doll
Template by Jenn Halsted.


Tomorrowland Speedway: Disney LO #74

Kaylie and Emanuel riding the cars at Tomorrowland Speedway @ Disney in Florida. 18740

Blended Templates Bundle 04 By Rosey Posey
Harry's Got A Brand New Car - Economy Pack By Berna


The Hippos @ Animal Kingdom: Disney LO #73

Mama hippo with her baby at the Animal Kingdom in Florida. 18740

Blended Templates Bundle 04 By Rosey Posey
Island Allure By Rosey Posey
Funny Alpha By Boutique Cute Doll


splashing the Day Away

My DH and kids having fun at the beach. Where was I? Well, I was taking the photos, of course! :) 18740

Credits: Island Allure By Rosey Posey
Funny Alpha By Boutique Cute Doll
Blended Templates Bundle 04 By Rosey Posey
FG Amelia font


Discovery Island Trails: Disney LO #72

I love this collection by Dawn! So much so that this is my 3rd layout with it! :) (18740)

Ocean Collection By Dawn Inskip @ SBG
H2O Alpha By Dawn Inskip @ SBG
Everyday Titles By Dawn Inskip @ SBG
Template by Ingrid Fasquelle


Bruce and the Princess: Disney LO #71

Kaylie inside "Bruce the Shark" at the Living Seas in Epcot. Bruce is the shark from Pixar's Finding Nemo that says, "Fishes are Friends, Not Food."

Ocean Collection By Dawn Inskip @ SBG (18740)
H2O Alpha By Dawn Inskip @ SBG
Nemo, Dory extracted from a free wallpaper downloaded from the internet.


The Seas: Disney LO #70

Oh, I got to tell you that Dawn, Inskip, another one of my favorite designers, just came out with a fabulous ocean collection that is rocking my world. This collection is jam-packed with wonderful drawn sea creatures and fabulously textured papers.  I have a "thing" for water/nautical pages and kits, so this collection is a must for me! And fortunately for me, I had the perfect subject to scrap...yes, you guessed it, more Disney pages! :) (18740)

Ocean Collection By Dawn Inskip @ SBG
(The most awesome ocean collection ever! Get it while it is on special!)
Funny Alpha By Boutique Cute Doll @ SBG


Her Magesty's Ring

Imagica Page Kit by Miki Ferkul @ SBG (18740)
Punched Petals Vol1 By Buttercup



I scraplifted Christy's7211,

Urban Grunge Collab With Flergs By Boutique Cute Doll


Mater 2 of 2: Disney LO #69

I finally get to do something with my "Mater" and "Lightning McQueen" photos from Hollywood Studios!  I was at a loss as to what to do with them, but not anymore! :) (18740)

Blended Templates Bundle 02 By Rosey Posey
Cosmopolitan - My 7th Anniversary Collection By Maya


Mater 1 of 2: Disney LO #68

I finally get to do something with my "Mater" and "Lightning McQueen" photos from Hollywood Studios!  I was at a loss as to what to do with them, but not anymore! :) (18740)

Blended Templates Bundle 02 By Rosey Posey
Cosmopolitan - My 7th Anniversary Collection By Maya


First Sign of Spring

I can't wait for spring to get here! (18740)

IO Spring by the Studio Girls @ SBG


Justin Bear

Bonne Nuit Les Petits {Full Kit} By MissVivi (18740)
The Essential : Frames By MissVivi
Template by Nanie's Designs
"Friends" label from Every {Day} P365- Label By Boutique Cute Doll
Fonts: Rockwell Condensed and Impact Label


Scarlet Macaw: Disney LO #67

While at the Animal Kingdom, we saw these gorgeous Scarlet Macaws hanging around a tree. It was kind of dark, but I managed to save the photo with a few adjustment layers ( lightness and vibrancy).  (18728)

--Ribbon ruffle (recolored), stitching (recolored) from Impossible Things by Tangie Baxter
Impossible Things Collab W/ Rebecca McMeen {An Alice In Wonderland Inspired Kit} By Tangie
--Jungle Salvage Collab W/ Bonus FREE Word Art! By Tangie
--Studio Tangie Fonts: The Director {CU OK}
--Graphics Templates By Dawn
Splatter Graffiti [Masks] Monograms By Tangie


Dragon Whisperer: Disney LO #66

Come on...admit it. You know that you have a ton of goofy, silly photos that are hiding in your computer or some drawer in the garage! Well, as you know, I am just not this type of person that will allow myself to be photographed doing something utterly silly or gross! Let's just say that I made a conscious decision to have a lapse of memory. He he he. Just a fun layout for my fun pictures taken at Animal Kingdom in Disney Word, Florida. (18728)

--Flower blossoms, grass blade, grass clumps from BusyBee by Lorie Davison
--Raven birds, rusty barbed wirel, Jackie Rabbit(hare), Bg. pprs., photo frames, scrap of paper from Pioneer kit by Lorie Davison
--Paper piece(scrap), lace and photo tab from Prairie Gal by Lorie Davison


Toot! Toot! Carvings from the Tree of Life: GSO @ GSO Blog - Disney LO #65

Another page from my Disney Vacation @ Animal Kingdom. I love the vibrant colors of this page and the way I featured the carvings from the tree of life. It was chosen as a Gallery Standout on March 6 at the Gallery Standout Blog. Yay! (18728)

Jungle Salvage Collab W/ Bonus FREE Word Art! By Tangie
Graphics Templates By Dawn
Bernard MT Condensed


African Drums: Disney LO #64

Credits: Above And Beyond (Template 11) By Dawn Inskip (18728)
Primeval kit by Dawn Inskip
Stiches from PaperScraps by Dawn Inskip
Wordart-Punched Sentiments by Dawn Inskip
Alpha from A New Start by Dawn Inskip


First Visit to Animal Kingdom: Disney LO # 62&63

A 2-page spread featuring photos of all of us at Disney's Animal Kingdom. I am liking these 2-page spreads a lot. They look AWESOME in a book!

[b]Funny Alpha by Boutique Cute Doll
labels: "friends, family, September, 2010"
Every {Day} P365- Label By Boutique Cute Doll
Of Earth And Sky Clusters By Veronica
Of Earth And Sky Page Kit By Veronica[/b]
Template by JadyDayStudio


Maharajah Jungle Trek: Disney LO #61

Wow, I can't believe that I am up to 61 layouts for my Disney album! Way to go, Kait! Woo hoo! At this rate, I don't think that I will have any problems reaching the 100 page mark! In fact, I think I will be exceeding 100 pages - unbelievable.  Of course, not all of the pages will be stellar...some will be simple, while others will be more technical, others educational and so on.

Credits: Rural Chic Alpha by Lisa  / Studio Gypsy  (18728)
Of Earth And Sky Page Kit By Veronica
Of Earth And Sky Clusters By Veronica
Template by ChrissyW


Tree of Life Carvings: Disney LO #60

Carving seen on the Tree of Life at Walt Disney's Animal Kingdom. 18728

Of Earth And Sky Page Kit By Veronica
Of Earth And Sky Clusters By Veronica
Template by Simply Tiffany
Frosted alpha by Birgit Kerr (retired)


Toot Toot! GSO @ Gallery Standout Blog! Tree of Life: Disney LO #59

I love this layout. The colors are so springy and dreamy. It made it to the Gallery Standout Blog on Feb. 28 - see it HERE

I used a kit titled WINDOW TO MY HEART by my favorite designer, Lorie Davison. I ADORE all of her kits and this one is no exception. She brings out the best in me. (18728)

Credits: [b]Basic Buds Vol4 By Buttercup
Window To My Heart (With Everything In It!) By Lorie[/b]


Hollywood Tower Hotel: Disney LO #58

Blended Templates Bundle 02 By Rosey Posey (18728)
Bg. ppr. from Making Magic by Rosey Posey


Mouse Ears-Minnie: Disney LO #57

Making Magic Bundle By Rosey Posey
Font: Arial (18728)

Note: the mouse-ears template is not part of the kit. I made it myself.


Citizen of Hollywood: Leroy Small: Disney LO #56

Making Magic Bundle By Rosey Posey (18728)
Font: Arial
Movie reel and movie clapper: Impressions Of Family Night By Studiogirls


Enchanted with Cinderella: Disney LO #55

--Impressions Of Enchantment By Studiogirls (18728)
--Punched Petals Vol2 By Buttercup
--Fairytale Alpha By Flergs


Expedition Everest: Disney LO #54

One of the best attractions at Animal Kingdom. I loved it. (18728)

Blended Templates Bundle 03 By Rosey Posey. (I used #7)
Shabby Summer By Rosey Posey
--Alpha by Natali Designs - Singing in the Rain kit.


Monday, March 28, 2011

A Dream Come True: Disney LO #53

Taking the kids to Disney was the best vacation present ever! They are still talking about it even though it was 6 months ago. (18710)

Blended Templates Bundle 03 By Rosey Posey
(I used #7)
Falling Leaves Autumn Tea (Everything In It!) By Lorie Davison
Font: Cooper Alt Caps and English


Epcot Monorail: Disney LO #52

--Blended Templates Bundle 03 By Rosey Posey (18710)
(I used template 10)
--Alpha from Making Magic Bundle by Rosey Posey

Other Credits:
--Every {Day} P365- Label By Boutique Cute Doll
September 2010 labels
--Wanderlust Collab Boutique Cute Doll With Valorie Wibbens By Boutique Cute Doll


Dorma Nesmond: Disney LO #51

Another Citizen of Hollywood character seen during our Disney World vacation.

--Making Magic Bundle by Rosey Posey
--Movie reel, stamp, neative frame and clap trap from IO Family by SBG Studio Girls
--button-mickeymouse-Brittdes-MissKit copy
--earsbrad-SahlinSTudio-MagicalFreebie (18710)


Stunt Car Show: Disney LO #50

Lights, Motor, Action Stunt Show at Hollywood Studios in Disney World. (18703)

Prince In The City (With Everything In It) By Lorie Davison


Tower of Terror: Disney LO #49

Tower of Terror is a thrill ride that mimics an out-of-control freight elevator in a haunted hotel. (18703)

Kit - EEKY FREAKY Kit Collection By Lorie Davison
stitching Prince in the City
Prince In The City (With Everything In It) By Lorie
Paper Stay (Pioneer kit)
A Pioneer Story Kit (With Everything In It.) By Lorie



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