Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Digital Artist Magazine Wants My LO

I am so excited!

Just got a note from Nancy Comelab that they want to use my Enchanted lo on their February 2008 issue. How cool is that? This is one of my favorite pages of mine...so I am happy.


Manic Monday

Hi Everybody.

Just giving you a quick update. On Saturday, Kaylie, Liam and I went to the Fire and Ice Festival in Mount Holly. It is so cool to see the ice sculptors carve ice sculptures.

We saw a cupid on a harp, a kangaroo on a tree, icicles and snowflakes, a butterfly perched on a flower, a toilet with plunger, Spongebob, the Star Trek Enterprise, an elk, a bear, a mountain lion and a dragon. I am sure we saw more, but these are the only ones I remember.

We also saw a re-enactment of an encampment by the Loyalist fighting for England during the American Revolution. Liam got a chance to talk to the soldiers and get an upclose look of the muskets. Kaylie had her picture taken with a woman cooking outside.

Moises, hereinafter called DH, had a dentist appointment so he couldn't come with us. Anyway, it turned out that the Gutter Guys, who are supposed to replace our gutters this coming month, was coming over to sign paperwork so it worked out. As always, I get a call from the Gutter Guy telling me that he will be over the house in 15 minutes. Not a problem, I think to myself, DH is home. No sooner I call dh to let him know and hangup, he calls me back and needs me home to review the papers and to get a look at all the stuff that they will be replacing. Good think I was only 10 minutes away from our house.

Fast forward to Sunday. Kaylie is super excited about her friend Alanna's birthday party. It was held at the Elks Lodge in Mt. Holly. We got there at 12:3o and stayed until 3:pm. They played musical chairs (Kaylie lost), and got to decorate a cake by herself. It was supposed to look like an igloo....such a cool idea. Photos of the cake forthcoming. She didn't even want to eat cake...how strange is that!

Anyway, on our way home I stopped over at Woolman's Lake to watch the ducks and geese. It was cold, cold, cold. Got some cute pictures of the various geese there. The mallard duck that I posted is one of them.

I get home and noticed that Liam wasn't feeling well. He had a sneezing and had a runny nose. I gave him medicine but there was no way that he was going to get better by Monday to go to school. Then, Kaylie woke up at midnight -- had just thrown up and was running a fever. Both kids stayed home on Monday, Liam slept most of the day and were feeling better by day's end.

Tuesday is my day to volunteer at Liam's classroom. But it turned out that I had to spend some time in the morning at Kaylie's class, too. So, I did an hour at Kaylie's class and then went to Liam's class. I was there for 15 minutes when the principal came in telling the teacher that he wanted to observe their math class. I had to leave the class, but took the work home with me. I finished all the work at home and returned it to school when I went to pick up the kids.

Anyway, I get to Liam's class and the teacher pulls me in to talk to me. Apparently, Liam was acting up on class ALL DAY LONG. She wondered if Liam was on some new medication that was making him heywire. He couldn't concentrate, he would cry if she reprimanded him, he couldn't sit still and made him really intense. I don't know, all last week he was fine, and now he behaves like this. I guess a little boy can only be good for a certain amt. of time before the dam breaks.

Enough about the kids.

DH is visiting his father in Puerto Rico the 2nd week of February. We can't afford to pay for tickets and the kids are in school....so, he is traveling solo. I also found out that his grandmother, who is 95, will be traveling to Puerto Rico with him and will stay here in N.J. with us for 3 or 4 months. Did I tell you that she is 95 years old...she is a loving woman and like another child to me. I am going to have some very busy coming months.

Kaylie has her physical the first week of February, and I will be having my diabetes evaluation during this time, too. It is going to be a tough road ahead for me. Wish me luck.

Love you, miss you.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Face of a 7 Year Old

Kaylie was so happy that she was going to her friend Alanna's birthday party. I washed her hair and straighten it out, then I made 2 braids to control some of the volume, while still leaving most of it loose. A few days after her birthday, she lost her upper right tooth. Within a week of it coming out, her new one was visible. You can see it here, but have to squint really hard. :)


PAD27 - Mallard Duck

We went to Alanna's birthday party yesterday and on our way back we stopped at Woolman's Lake. This beautiful specimen was leisurely swimming in the mucky frozen water. I applied a watercolor filter to the photo, which you are able to see if you click on an enlarged version.


PAD26 - Have You Ever Seen A Torie?

This well-fed soldier is a re-enactor of the American Revolution (1775-1783). His enemies call him a torie. He calls himself a loyalist. He is a member of the Loyal American Regiment (LAR) which was a battalion of nearly 400 New York loyalist colonists who fought on the side of England in the American Revolution. They wore green coats in the first years of the war, and the switched to the traditional redcoat of the British Army.



13 gallons of water all neatly lined up in the garage.




PAD23 - The Wind In My Wings

Isn't this a cute little fat bird? He came close to the backdoor and I was able to snap this shot of it just as the wind was ruffling its feathers. Click on it to see an enlarged version.


PAD22 - Pinecone

I didn't feel like venturing out so a pine cone it is! I do like the details of the branch. Click on the photo to see an enlargement.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Birthday Girl


Best Buds

It is cold here in N.J. today. So cold that I am longing for Spring again. I found these picts. of Kaylie and Liam that warmed my heart and got me in a mood to scrap.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

PAD21 - A is for Apple

Isn't this a luscious looking apple? Kaylie has always loved fruits, but Liam is just beginning to try them. Apple is the fruit "du jour" of the moment for him.


PAD20 - Freshly Washed


PAD19 - The insignificant Lightbulb

I know, I am off my rocker. I took a pict. of a bulb. Do you know how the revelation came to me?
I was in Kaylie's room, on the floor. See, Kaylie has become infatuated, just like me, with SURVIVORMAN. (Les Stroud rocks!) We had seen 3 episodes of Survivorman this day and Kaylie wanted to put her newly acquired skills to the test. She decided that she would give up her bed and sleep on the floor. She grabbed the bare essentials: Lily, her special blankie, sleeping bag and a pillow. She situated herself by the foot of the bed, close to the nightlight. While going through the nightly routine of doing songs and prayers, it ocurred to me to take a few picts. to document her night of "roughing it like Survivorman." Anyway, while I was down on the floor, I looked up and from my angle, the lightbulb looked interesting. So, I took a pict. Aren't you glad I wasted 3 precious minutes of your life with this long-winded explanantion?


PAD18 - Visualize the Past

You must be thinking, "What the heck is she doing taking photos of this rundown building? She must not have anything else to do with her time. Or maybe she just wants to burn money. Or maybe she is bored, has flipped and went on a shooting rampage." LOL

The answer is that where you see a rundown building, I see the past. I can imagine this building in its full glory, with its bright orange bricks, set against the azure sky. I can visualize ladies with parasols looking at the lake watching a mother duck with ducklings leisurely swimming. I can see kids skipping rocks, while their fathers are smoking a cigar and playing cards in a corner.


PAD17 - Sunkissed

I love the warm color of this photo. I really like taking photos of the kids early in the morning...just as the sun is starting to set in the sky. I suppose that I can fix the picture, but I like it this way.


PAD16 - Orange and Brown

I took the kids to Smithville Lake for a walk. Liam got out of the car, with his school backpack, don't ask me why he brought it, I don't know. As I was looking at him, going about his business, it ocurred to me that I really, really like this color scheme. Orange and brown, perfect together. I love how the brown takes it down a notch. The rich dark brown color of his shoes are the perfect accent. (Note to self: clone out the branch growing out of his leg.)


PAD15 - Weeds

I know, I know, all you see are weeds, but I see warmth, beauty and movement. It was a windy day so the plants were swaying to the rhythm of the wind. The sunshine was coming through them...totally charming. I guess you had to be there to know what I mean.


PAD14 - Mugs

Aren't these the cutest mugs? I bought them 2 years ago, stored them in the garage and totally forgot about them. I took them out this year and fell in love with them. I wanted the one with the red Cardinal, but Kaylie really wanted it, so I let her have it. Liam got the one with the Snowman. So dh and I settled for the leftovers.


PAD12 - Christmas Ornament

I guess it is time to take down the xmas ornaments. This is one of my favorites.


PAD #11 - Sweetness

Bg. ppr. from Dreamcicles ppr. pk. by Doris Castle at PrimaHybrid.
Butterflies from Jofia Design's Ephemerals at TheDigiChick.
Frame by SDS - Newswrap.
Kaylie is growing up so fast and looks so mature now. She looks totally different with her abundant hair loose. Her eyes are full of warmth and her quick smile is so sweet. I love her so.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Best Gift That I Ever Got

This last Christmas I bought a Christmas cd album by Barbra Streisand, which had a song titled "The Best Gift." I loved it. I wanted to use the lyrics on a page as I think it is very special and touches my heart deeply. I am rather pleased with how this page turned out. Usually, I don't like to use huge titles, but somehow it made sense to use it here.
Sketch 68 by Sasha Farina @ Pencil Lines
Bg. ppr. from First Blush Collaboration kit by Doris Castle, et als. at Primahybrid.com
Glittery Paper Bag Alpha by Michelle Godin at Scrapbook-Graphics
Frames and torn kraft ppr. from Doris Castle's Trio Classics (unavailable)
Green paper from Doris Castle's Dreamsicles ppr. set at Primahybrid.com
Pink striped paper, tape, flowers and ricrac from Doris Castle's Pure Love page set at Primahybrid.com
Tied wrapped ribbon (recolored) from Traci Sim’s Coming Home page set at Scrapbook-Graphics
Essential Sparkles by Birgit Kerr at Scrapbook-Graphics



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