Thursday, April 30, 2009

Favorite Tree Huggers/IOMother Earth/Sales!

click to enlarge.

This is the page I made with it.

Layout Credits: Impressions of Mother Earth by the Studio Girls @ SBG
(coming tomorrow to SBG)
Date Markers #1 by Maya @ SBG
Template from La Paperie Templates 1-3 By Baersgarten @ SBG
(Note: I blended 3 pprs. to get the effect you see on the bg. ppr.)
Backward staple by Jenn Patrick.
Fonts: Pea Marcie. SP Inspired

The May collab from the Studio Girls, Impressions of Mother Earth, is a delight! This kit has everything you need for scenic layouts as well as traditional ones. We love the soft natural colors, and think you’ll find it has a lot of possibilities and would surely make a wonderful addition to your stash. Not only is it useful for Earth Day pages (recently celebrated), but it does double duty for all types of outdoors/spring/summer pages. It has a great variety of textured papers, as well as flowers, flair, trees, ribbons, templates and word art.

For the month of May, Impressions of Mother Earth will be on sale for only $4.50! Scrapbookgraphics will be giving away copies all day Saturday, May 2nd, in random drawings from all orders over $25 in honor of {inter}National Scrapbooking Day!

Want to see more samples pages of the kit? There are 27 other pages using this kit HERE.


National Scrapbooking Day Sales - Lotta Designs

Love Letters

Mother's Day by Lotta

This is the page I made with It's All About You.

It's All About You - 40 percent off - Will be gone after the NSD sale.
Studio Lotta is having a 30-40 percent sale from April 30 to May 2.


National Scrapbooking Day Sales - Natali Design

All You Need is Love

Little Miracles (with Bonus Wordart)

Spring Breeze

Studio Natali is having a 40 percent off sale! April 24 to May 1
Here are a few of my favorites...
Check out her wordart, too. She's got some of the best around!

Flat Kaylie

Those of you with children in school will probably know about the "Flat Stanley" story.

Kaylie's school used the concept to create their own version of the Flat Stanley doll which they then sent to a relative. Kaylie sent her doll to her cousin Kayla in Florida. Kaylie was so excited to get it in the mail. She got her doll back, along with a Flat Kaylie Diary detailing her travels, activities and feelings. We even got pictures and souveniers back. Thank you, Evelyn and Kayla, for doing this for Kaylie. She loved it! 3672
P.S. Evelyn, I sent the stuff out on Tuesday, you should receive it today.


Fabulous Freebies

The Daily Scrapper is featuring an exclusive interview with Scrapboographics's owner, Maya. Which you can read HERE.


Good News

Liam is like a totally new child. Back in February I had him evaluated for ADHD/OCD and was placed on medication. The improvement in his behaviour, level of concentration and obedience has been truly significant.

He no longer disrupts class and is able to focus on his work. His relationship and interaction with his peers has also improved markedly. The teacher took him off of the daily behaviour cards so I haven't received a note from her in over a month and a half.

Each week I volunteer one hour in his class. Yesterday, the teacher told me that she is very pleased with Liam's improvement and went as far as saying that he was like a new child. She didn't know that Liam had been placed on medication so that she came to this assessment on her own. Because he is very intelligent, she will recommend him for AT classes/advanced classes.

Yesterday, he came home with a TOP SECRET ADVENTURE bag. He has to read a book to find clues which will enable him to complete puzzles that will lead him to discover who a certain villain is. In this instance, the adventure took place in Mexico and there were 6 suspects. He had to complete challenges to be able to figure out the "whoduneit." He and Kaylie loved it!

We received his report card maybe 2 weeks ago. He is above grade level in reading, spelling and writing. Now, he has to work on penmanship. He is able to work independently and consistently the majority of the time.

He is looking forward to a school trip this coming May. They are going to the Philadelphia Zoo.

I am so happy and excited for him.


Hello World!

I know that it seems like ages since I last shared anything that is going on in my life. I am just plugging along, trying to live each day to the best of my ability.

A quick recap

** 2 weeks ago my uncle (Geraldo/Yayo) got married. It was the first wedding that the kids attended so they had tons of fun. It was a small, intimate affair with just a handful of family and friends. My brother, Tito, attended as well, so the kids got a chance to spend time with him, too. We talked, we ate, we danced. I took lots of photos! So what else is new?! I had to use a film camera as my Powershot's flash is bad and photos taken under semi dark conditions come out blurred. In plain daylight, it works wonderfully, though. The bad thing is that I have to send out the rolls to be developed to then do the photo adjustments to have them printed out. I asked my cousins if they would email me photos they took so I could get started, so I was able to do this collage of THE KISS.

click to enlarge

Last week we visited my brother's house in Princeton. We went to a parade and also visited the gardens and museum at The University of Princeton. Saturday was very, very hot. The temperature went from 52 degrees to 90 degrees in 2 days. Nassau St. was jammed-packed with people and vendors. It was a nice walk from their house to town. I loved the mixed architecture styles and small hometown feeling. I loved walking past a small shop that had a small fruit stand in the front and an al fresco area.

The kids especially liked being able to see up close and personal an emergency vehicle with all of its equipment. There was also a firetruck that they could examine, as well as a demonstration by firemen with a smashed car where they were using the jaws of life to open the jammed doors, etc. An EMT let Kaylie and Julia handle a stetoscope so they could listen to each other's hearts and gurgling tummies! :)

We waded through the crowds and made our way to a little stand where they were handing out custom shaped balloons. Kaylie and Julia both wanted a flower. Liam, of course, didn't want to wait in line so he didn't get one.

The Music Conservatory of Princeton had a booth with musical instruments. I saw a xylophone, a triangle, brass instruments, drums and violins. Julia, Kaylie and Liam tried their hands at playing the violin.

We then made our way to the University where we were greeted by live music. There was a man singing a James Taylor song, which was lovely. As we entered the University, there was a live performance by a student singing in Turkish, his native language. Such exotic language and rythms!

There were food vendors selling original cuisine from far off lands such as Japan and China, while others tried to bring attention to philantropic causes.

We walked around the University admiring its architecture and sheer size. The gardens were gorgeous. Tulips of all shapes and sizes filled the garden. Tulips as far as the eyes could see.

On our way out, we stopped by the Princeton University Art Museum. along the front of the building, there were huge figures of headless people. We went inside (which offered a welcomed chance for air-conditioned air) stored all of our stuff in lockers and proceeded to enter the exhibition areas. Of special interest to me where the Greek and Roman antiquities, as well as the art of the Ancient Americas, Africa and Northwest Indian. It was exciting for Liam to see an actual sarcophagus from ancient Egypt. While we couldn't actually see the mummy, there was a photo next to it. We didn't stay in the museum too long as the kids had better ideas as to what they wanted to do with their time, and watching antiquities wasn't it!

After a long walk under the exhausting heat, we headed back home for nourishment. We had: shrimp with cocktail sauce, lentil soup, grilled steak, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and fresh bread, paired up with wine. It was delicious! We spent the whole afternoon and well into the night at my brother's house. Something we haven't done for 8 years - since the kids were born.

Click to enlarge.

We had a wonderful day.

Customer Service, Part 2

As a continuation to a recent post about designers providing excellent service, as seen from my point of view, I thought it only fair to update you. I had excellent customer service and will continue to sing the praises and purchase from:

1. Scrapbookgraphics
2. Peta Boardman
3. TheLilyPad - Kate Hadfield

Note to NWLady: Patti, thank you so much for your balanced view about the designer that doesn't answer her customer service inquiries and what could have gone wrong. A 2nd message didn't work either.

Reminder: Back up your stuff, ladies, so that you don't loose all of your photos, kits and layouts. Trying to recover and rebuild is a pain in the $%^ for sure.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wedding: Love

My uncle remarried 2 weeks ago. This is one of the pages I made for his album.

*Paper frame, cloud, star, music note border, buttons, staples, fountain pen, and bg. pprs. from Lullaby- The Full Kit by Birgit Kerr
*Button heart and ribbon (recolored to red) from Little Miracle by Natali Designs
*Red bg. ppr. and red hearts from Spring in the Garden by Coralie.
Template by Cindy Schneider @ Peppermint Creative
Font: LainieDaySH 3663

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Excellent Customer Service by Chrissy Williams


As many of you know, my drive that stored all of my kits and scrapbook pages crashed. I am slowly trying to recreate most of my pages so I can create a hardbound book for all of my pages.

I love using templates as a beginning point for my pages - not all of the times, but a good deal of the time they help inspire me. Some of my favorite designers are Tangie Baxter (at Scrapbookgraphics), Janet Phillips (formerly at SBG, now at the Daily Digi), Jen Caputo (at Scrapbookgraphics), Helen Douchet (at Scrapbookgraphics) and Chrissy Williams (at Elemental Scraps).

I hadn't had a chance to burn any dvds to backup my purchases from Chrissy Williams so everything was lost in the crash. I crossed my fingers, said a prayer and contacted Chrissy to ask her if she could reset my download links. Some of the purchases were from a month ago, but other were from the beginning of the year. SHE REPLIED QUICKLY TO MY REQUEST AND RESET ALL OF MY DOWNLOAD LINKS, INCLUDING THE ONES FROM THE BEGINNING OF THIS YEAR. For that, I am most grateful.

I also purchased a few template sets from another well known designer back in January, but she didn't even acknowledge my request. If she had said :"No, I can't do it", it would have been better than just ignoring it. Needless to say, while I shall not mention her name, I won't be buying a thing from her again.

If you don't know who Chrissy Williams is, check her store HERE.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Troublemakers/Flerg's Studio

TroubleMaker (full kit with glitter) by Flergs
Chase-ing Ryan kit by Flergs
Template by Tracie Stroud @ SSD.
Font: Pea Neffer
Polka dot ribbon by Shabby Princess
Clear bracket by Emily Powers
Green Ricrac (recolored) by smd (Let It Rain kit)

Goldfinch/Studio Flergs

Scraplift Flergs’ CT this week and you’ll receive a special gift from Megan herself!
Post your pages in the Play Day Gallery!Flerg's ct:
Play Day Gallery:

The male in breeding plumage is bright lemon yellow with black wings, tail and a black cap. These finches are 4.5 to 5.5 inches long with a wingspan of 8.75 to 9 inches. Weights range from 12 to a little more than 14 grams. The female is more drab than the male, and her plumage will blend in better with the surroundings when she is on the nest.

Credits: String and staple from Troublemaker kit by Flergs
Cream colored bg. ppr.: Coloured Kraft Papers by Flergs
Alpha, frames, elements from For Mellisa Full Kit with Glitter by Flergs
Font: FO Giggles by Fontologie and Myriad Pro
Template: Urban Grunge Solo by Hillary Heidelberg

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Destination: Egypt

For as long as I can remember, I have always dreamed of traveling to Egypt. Their rich history and culture captivates me. I'l watch or read just about anything related to this country. I am especially interested in egyptology/mummies. Anyway, this is my homage to a country I have never seen, but can't wait to see in a not too distant future (read: before I die.)

CREDITS: Natali Designs’Little Miracles with Bonus (alpha); Flergs’ Fancy Pants (scotch tape); Phuong Ton’s By The Sea (sand overlay); Kitty Chen and Lorie Davison’s Blooming Sweethearts (Cream background paper); Lorie Davison’s Bunnies, Bees And The Birds’ Big Balloon ~ A Spring Collection (balloon, main background paper, walltack) and Rough to the Touch - Rough Earth Elements (compass and dust cloud); Fonts are PeaAngeDawn and FO-Howie’s Stamp Lowfat by Fontologie.3585


Friday, April 17, 2009


Kaylie was delighted to have found a huge patch of Buttercups at Strawbridge Lake Park. She rushed over to the patch and sat among the beautiful yellow flowers. She picked a bunch of them and then gave them to me. Is it a wonder why I love her so?

Grandma's Garden kit by ShabbyMissJen @ SBG

Sketch by Sahlin Studio ScrapMattersFonts: Pea Angedawn and Curlz Mt

Clear Polka Dot Alpha by Phuong Ton @ SBG

ACTION: Shadow It 2 (Acrylics) By Wendy @ SBG

Bee - Spring in the Garden by Coralie @ SBG



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Adventures of Spiderman

Font: Anime Ace 2.0 bb
Super Duper! kit by Tangie Baxter @ SBG
Spooky kit by Phuong Ton @ SBG



Feeding the Ducks

Font: Problem Secretary
Green Fingers Papers By Berna Datema @ SBG
Green Fingers Elements by Berna Datema @ SBG
Alpha from Orchid Dreams Reawakening - Elements By Phuong Ton @ SBG


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Free Alpha

Anna Forrest, of Scrapbookgraphics, has graciously offered her awesome 3d alphabet for free. Check out the StudioMatters blog for the download link.

I'll be back later with a few layouts...I need to get ready to go to the doctor's office for a checkup. The kids are home on Spring break, too.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Daily Adventures

Adventure label, stitch and tag from Day at the Zoo by Phuong Ton @ SBG
The Boy is a Boy by Lily Designs @ SBG
Template from We Are Storytellers; Fonts: Small fonts and Boopee; Button stack by SirScrapalot's Dunk Time


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bunnies, Bees & The Birds' Big Balloon

Click to enlarge.

The other day I took the kids to the park. There were a ton of buttercups, which of course, Kaylie absolutely loved. I had to take a few pictures of her sitting among the flowers. The minute I saw Lorie's fabulous kit, I knew I had to use it. It was absolutely perfect! Aren't those the cutest bunnies you have ever seen? It took me forever to make this page because my pc kept crashing, but I love the way it turned out.

Bunnies, Bees & the Birds' Big Balloon by Lorie Davison @ Scrapbookgraphics.



Hello Everyone,

How are you all doing?

I am having such a hard time with my computer at home. I have a Compaq Presarion PC which has Windows Vista which is giving me the fits. Can you say CRASH CITY! I have never, ever in my life have had a computer as bad as this. I think we got a lemon!

It freezes whenever it wants. I could be reading a simple message and there it goes. Sometimes it stops working altogether and the control alt delete key doesn't even work! Trying to work on this computer is horrible! I miss my Windows XP. I never ever ever had a problem with Windows XP. I've heard from some friends that they have never had a problem with it. But if one does a quick search on the net, it makes you realize that thousands of others are having this very same problem.


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