Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dragon Whisperer: Disney LO #66

Come on...admit it. You know that you have a ton of goofy, silly photos that are hiding in your computer or some drawer in the garage! Well, as you know, I am just not this type of person that will allow myself to be photographed doing something utterly silly or gross! Let's just say that I made a conscious decision to have a lapse of memory. He he he. Just a fun layout for my fun pictures taken at Animal Kingdom in Disney Word, Florida. (18728)

--Flower blossoms, grass blade, grass clumps from BusyBee by Lorie Davison
--Raven birds, rusty barbed wirel, Jackie Rabbit(hare), Bg. pprs., photo frames, scrap of paper from Pioneer kit by Lorie Davison
--Paper piece(scrap), lace and photo tab from Prairie Gal by Lorie Davison


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